ednaeverage The Seven Network’s digital channel 7TWO has scheduled in a re-run of an excellent ABC documentary series of the late ‘90s.

Barry Humphries’ Flashbacks, originally screened on ABC in 1999 in the months leading up to Y2K, documents the various trends of Australian society and popular culture from the post-war ‘50s to the excessive ‘80s.

The four-part series, making excellent use of archival footage, also serves as a chronology of Humphries’ own contributions to popular culture, tracing the evolution of his 1950s creation, Mrs Edna Everage, (pictured) to the glamorous Dame Edna of the ‘80s, plus there’s also references to The Adventures Of Barry McKenzie and other Humphries creations including Sir Les Patterson and Sandy Stone.  The latter two also joining Dame Edna and Humphries himself in presenting their own commentaries on the periods depicted in the series.

Barry Humphries’ Flashbacks is not the first ABC program to get an airing on 7TWO.  Popular comedy Mother And Son was recently repeated in a weeknight timeslot on the digital channel.

Barry Humphries’ Flashbacks.  Starts Thursday 8 April, 7.30pm.  7TWO

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