abc_2001 Twelve months on, last year’s 2020 Summit has bore little fruit although the Government has made two decisions based on the discussions conducted over the two-day event.

One of those decisions is to approve funding for ABC to establish a television channel specifically for children.

The new channel, tentatively ABC3, will include a mix of in-house and private sector production – and promises that 50 per cent of all programming will be Australian.

Programs will cover all genres including drama, animation and documentaries. ABC’s director of television Kim Dalton said that the broadcaster will announce more details of the channel over the coming weeks and months.

go99 The announcement of the new ABC channel comes after Network Ten has launched its 24-hour high-definition channel OneHD and SBS has announced plans to relaunch its World News Channel as SBS2. The Nine Network has not made any formal announcement, though it is suggested that their new digital channel may be an entertainment channel called GO!99.

That leaves Seven still to make any hint as to what its multi-channel plans are beyond its existing part-time channel 7HD – when almost two months ago, network chief David Leckie teased the press with a statement that an announcement was imminent.

Source: ABC, TV Tonight, NineMSN

1 thought on “One, Two, Three for ABC

  1. I did read an article online (somewhere) that Something In The Air was cancelled due to the change at the helm and the Board deciding it was unlikely to garner much overseas sales’ interests, which peed not a few people off at the time, as the Board is supposed to be non-commercial, etc.
    (I’ll hunt the article down, read it only last year).

    I remember when Bill Stalker died in that motorcycle accident and was dating Catherine Wilkin at the time (I think there’d been talk about them marrying), was so sad.

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