logie_bunney Bunney Brooke, who played the pragmatic Flo Patterson in Number 96 for much of its five-year run in the ’70s, had a varied career both in front and behind the cameras. After her years sharing Flat 3 at the infamous apartment block with Dorrie and Herb Evans (Pat McDonald and Ron Shand) and her pet budgerigar Mr Perky, she later appeared in TV series including The Restless Years, Skyways, Tickled Pink and Boy In The Bush, and played to a new generation of viewers in the children’s series Round The Twist and soapie E Street. She had movie roles in Newsfront and Dawn and also worked as a casting director for Crawford Productions in the 1980s, where she cast a relatively unknown Kylie Minogue for The Henderson Kids.

In 1975, Brooke won a TV Week Silver Logie for Best Australian Actress for the year 1974. (Pictured, above, accepting her award presented by Hollywood great John Wayne)

logieaward_silver It’s not always easy to put a monetary value on items such as these, especially as for the recipient it can be the reward for many years of hard work and dedication to their craft and so its value can often be worth more than just a dollar amount. But earlier this week, someone has found a price as that same Silver Logie (pictured) sold on eBay for $2225 after a seven-day auction that attracted nineteen bidders. Given that Brooke died in 2000, it is not entirely known how the award came to be in the hands of Queensland-based eBay seller “hippopawn”.

Source: news.com.au, Australian Television Information Archive, IMDB, eBay

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