tvtimes_181178 Alfred Sandor – Lonely hearts specialist
Alfred Sandor might be the un-romantic Dr Raymond Shaw in The Young Doctors, but in real life he is the ladies man and met his third wife after coming to Australia in 1969.  But in a career that has included appearing in more than 250 TV shows, including daytime soaps, and stage productions in the US before moving to Australia, Sandor (pictured, centre, with TYD co-stars Michael Beecher and Lyn James) doesn’t quite know what makes soaps so popular.  “I think it’s because there’s a lot of lonely people around,” he guesses.  “But I’ve been aghast when doctors have told me they look at the program.  They say they get a good laugh out of the program and enjoy it.  They say what happens would never happen in a real hospital but still enjoy the show.”

Quest winner’s dilemma
Should a 14-year-old musical prodigy finish her schooling, or go overseas to study with the world’s leading teachers?  That is the question facing the family of pianist Marilyn Meier, the viewers’ top choice in the finals of ABC‘s Quest ’78.  Meier’s parents are also prepared to sell up their orchard in Camden NSW, and take the family to the US or Europe to give their daughter a chance at an international music career.

ruthcracknell Ruth’s happy behind the times
Actress Ruth Cracknell (pictured) admits she isn’t a seventies person.  She happily claims that her time was back in the Edwardian era, back before World War I.  “Given a chance I would have loved to have lived then, in Edwardian England.”  Currently in rehearsals for an upcoming stage production of Bedroom Farce, Cracknell has also been working on a new ABC series Golden Soak for screening next year.  But like most actresses, she is frustrated by the lack of solid roles for women in films and television.  “Most writers – not all – are men and they write purely from a male viewpoint.  The time is right now, for stories about women through women’s eyes.”

This year’s Sydney Opera House New Year’s Eve concert, starring Sherbet, is to be telecast by TEN10 Sydney and ATV0 Melbourne, with the possibility of other 0-10 Network stations taking the program.  The concert is also expected to be relayed via satellite for screening in Japan.

During the recent Miss Australia telecast, co-host Annette Allison was so excited at fellow Queenslander Anne Sneddon winning the title that she waved her arms in joy and knocked over floor manager Gary Rhodes off the podium.

Roy Hampson, whose morning hosting on ATV0 has taken a break this year, is due to return to the channel in the new year.

Actor John Dommett has returned to Australia after an extended break in the United Kingdom, and is to return to his former role in The Young Doctors in January.

Viewpoint: Letters to the Editor:
“I have been watching The Truckies ever since the show started.  In short I love The Truckies.  I know quite a few gear jerkers (truck drivers) because I own a flipflop (CB radio).  They swear just as much, they work just as much and booze just as much.  I’m sure The Truckies will be a boomer of it goes overseas.”  J. Blackshaw, NSW.

“I would like to express my appreciation to ABC for the Tickled Pink series.  The plays I saw were refreshing, both for their comedy and production.  Usually I’m not a fan of Australian shows because of their boredom.  Tickled Pink was so vivid, the cast so professional and general production outstanding.”  J. Couani, NSW.

“I was delighted to see during the Sammys an award going to one of this country’s most talented actors, George Mallaby.  His role in Cop Shop as the stern desk-bound station chief is played to perfection.”  R. Bruce, NSW.

What’s On (November 18-24):
‘s telecast of the Australian Open Golf Championships continues on the weekend with eight hours coverage on both Saturday and Sunday.

mickiedestoop On Saturday, ATV0 devotes much of the day to the Nerve Deafness Telethon.  The telethon starts at 9.00am with hosts Steve Raymond and Mickie de Stoop (pictured) and continues through to 6.00pm.  At 6.30pm, Young Talent Time presents a special telethon edition with live performances and acknowledging of donations.  Then later, at 8.30pm, the telethon’s evening segment is hosted by Peter Couchman through to the telethon’s close at 11.45pm.

ABC‘s Sunday night 7.00pm news is cut to ten minutes, and the magazine program Weekend Magazine is given the night off, to make room for a 50-minute documentary Vietnam Today.  Presented by Tony Joyce, the special captures the realities of everyday life for the average Vietnamese in the new Vietnam.

GTV9‘s Family Feud moves from its regular 5.00pm timeslot to 7.00pm weeknights for the summer, replacing The Sullivans.

On Monday night, ABC presents O’se Shalom, a 90-minute documentary analysing and explaining the Jewish faith, including rituals, family life, marriage, diet and worship.  Presenting the program is Sydney rabbi Raymond Apple and This Day Tonight host Sonia Humphrey.

Sunday night movies are Point Blank (HSV7), Our Man Flint (GTV9) and The Seventh Dawn (ATV0).  All are repeats.  Later in the evening, GTV9 presents the movie classic Sorry Wrong Number, and HSV7 screens The Hunchback Of Notre Dame.

Source: TV Times (Melbourne edition), 18 November 1978.  ABC/ACP

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