On Tuesday night, the Nine Network aired an episode of its retrospective series 20 To 01, with the topic being “20 Greatest TV Moments” – counting down the 20 (apparently) landmark moments in Australian TV.

Now I wasn’t going to actually mention the program on this blog, as at least two other blogs already had it covered (eg. What’s On The Tube, TV Tonight)

However, upon checking the site statistics for TelevisionAU this evening, it appears that one particular segment of that 20 To 01 episode has struck a particular chord with viewers, and I bet you can’t guess which one….


#18: Full frontal nudity on Number 96

Because not only has TelevisionAU recorded a massive spike in web hits in the last 24 hours, but look at what’s among the most popular keyword searches in that same period:

number 96
number 96 nude scenes
number 96 tv series
number 96 nudity
number 96 tv show
rebecca gilling nude
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and further down the list a few more:

96 the show aus tv
96 tv series cast
96 tv show
abigail today number 96
full frontal nudity on number 96 tv series
movie number 96 nudity
no96 the box tv nude photos
number 96 characters

and there is more below that on the list, but you get the drift.

3 thoughts on “20 To 01 sparks search surge!

  1. I guess people like their nudity… haha Maybe I should check this show out.
    Congrats on the extra hits, wish I could say the same about What’s On The Tube, I’ll keep dreaming.

  2. Daniel: Just checked the stats again, and things are settling back to their normal level today.. 🙂

    Kuttyswood: Not very likely I'm afraid. Most of the original B&W episodes have been destroyed, and with some episodes now being released on DVD, it is probably unlikely that any network will play the colour episodes, although TV1 did play a few back in about 2000 but not really bothered again since then

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