An interesting find on YouTube this week with two clips from an ABC series of the 1990s – TVTV.

TVTV, initially hosted by Simon Townsend but later replaced by Mark Mitchell and Tiffany Lamb when production moved to Melbourne, ran from April 1993 to June 1995 and was a nightly review of all things TV – sort of like a ’90s version of today’s websites like TV Tonight – and being on ABC allowed it to take an objective view at all the commercial networks’ offerings as well as discussing programs seen on ABC and SBS.

In 1994, TVTV took to reviewing the upcoming TV Week Logie Awards, with a segment featuring guest presenter Gretel Killeen who, of course, became far more famous in later years as host of Big Brother, but in the early-’90s was known as a comedian and voice-over artist, and had been a regular on Midday With Ray Martin and was also one of three co-hosts of Nine’s Coast To Coast which continued for a brief period after Graham Kennedy resigned at the end of 1989.

The second clip from the same program includes a report by Kay Stammers, featuring previous TV Week Gold Logie winners Daryl Somers, Rowena Wallace, Barry Crocker, Don Lane and Bobby Limb, former Logies host Bert Newton and an interesting insight into the early “rigging” of TV Week Gold Logie votes by former magazine editor Frank Crook.

YouTube: beanisacarrot

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