Some great news has come via Ian McLean’s Have Phaser, Will Travel blog … Number 96 is coming back via a second DVD release!

The first DVD release in 2006 featured the 1974 feature film of the infamous series, as well as the 1976 documentary They Said It Wouldn’t Last commemorating the show’s 1000th episode, plus other extras including rare footage taken when the cast journeyed from Sydney to Melbourne by train and made stops along the way to meet crowds of Number 96 fans.

The second DVD release, scheduled for September, features episodes surrounding the ongoing suspense plot regarding the serial killer dubbed ‘the pantyhose strangler’.

Number 96 is one of several Australian TV titles to be released on DVD by Umbrella Entertainment; others including Blankety Blanks, The Young Doctors, Sons And Daughters, Skippy and E Street.

Read the full story at Have Phaser, Will Travel

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2 thoughts on “Newsflash: Number 96 DVD #2

  1. I shuddered to read, in mainstream media, that they’re remaking The Young Doctors.
    I predict it will go one of 2 ways – either it will cash in on the kitsch value and include comedy or it will go over the top with tits and arse action.
    It won’t rate too well with viewers spoon-fed US-style hospital drama like Grey’s, ER, Chicago hope, etc and will probably disappear to the graveyard of midnight or beyond.

  2. Thanks for the link, mate!

    I first dreamed of a “Pantyhose Murders” boxed set way back when – when VHS boxed sets of TV series arcs were popular. Somewhere in a corner of my house, my old boxed VHS set of “V: The Series” still has a mock-up cover on it, with pics of the “Number 96” building and all the victims and suspects depicted in the windows of their flats!

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