1978: May 20-26

tvtimes_200578 Cover: Leif Garrett

Radio sparks network war
TV Times reports that an unusual battle may soon emerge with the development of two dramas based around talk-back radio hosts. A pilot for Sydney-based The Oracle, starring John Gregg, is already in production for ABC. Meanwhile, a Melbourne-based production based on a talk-back radio star has been commissioned by Homestead Films, producers of historical dramas Tandarra and Cash And Co, for the 0-10 Network. ATV0, acting on behalf of the network, is reportedly considering two titles for ongoing production – the talk-back radio drama and a proposal from the Reg Grundy Organisation tentatively titled The Prisoner.

denisedrysdaleDing Dong on a high note
Denise Drysdale
is enjoying a renewed presence on TV screens after a relatively quiet period, with fortnightly appearances on Nine’s The Don Lane Show and a specially-written guest role in the ABC series The Truckies where she will play a tough and uncompromising “truckie girl” called Linda, who has run away from getting married. This follows a recent appearance in the musical production The 20s And All That Jazz (pictured) for the 0-10 Network.

Sullivans actor at the helm
Andrew McFarlane is going from World War II soldier in The Sullivans to captain of a Royal Australian Navy patrol boat in the new ABC series Patrol Boat. The 13-episode series, set around the Great Barrier Reef, will commence production in August.

joannalockwood Cop Shop’s best legwork
Joanna Lockwood admits to being confused in playing the character of a stripper in the police drama Cop Shop. The 28-year-old (pictured with her father, former Number 96 star Johnny Lockwood) admits that in her show business life she has met many strippers – but says that none of them bear much resemblance to the lovely Valerie she portrays in the series: “I have never known a stripper who is so unaffected about taking her clothes off as Valerie is.”

Viewpoint: Letters to the Editor
“Surely ABC hasn’t paid good money for the American trash called Soap, and then have the nerve to try and pass it off to viewers as comedy.” T. Lewis, NSW.

“I am aware that the commercial stations rely on sponsors’ advertising for the existence. I do, however, draw the line at the idiotic antics and the shouting perpetrated by the latest Graham Kennedy and Bert Newton ad. The advertising firm who devised this ad seems to consider that the viewing public are a lot of morons.” N. Webster, QLD.

“Who do some advertisers think they are kidding? The young woman still in her bath when hubby comes home has made enough suds to use up a cake of soap but the one she’s using clearly shows the brand name untouched.. And are we to believe any little boy who manages to get a big beetroot stain on the front of his shirt could keep it from seeping through to his new white singlet?” G. Sheen, NSW.

What’s On (May 20-26)
presents a live telecast of the Rugby League Match Of The Day at the Sydney Cricket Ground between City and NSW Country.

ABC‘s A Big Country examines the history and potential use of the Nomad aircraft. The controversial development project began in 1965 but it was not until the early ’70s that government approval was granted for the building of a prototype. Despite some fatalities during test flights, the project has since seen the Nomad being sold to numerous countries.

The 100th episode of The Restless Years screens on ATV0 on Thursday night.

This week’s guests on The Peter Couchman Show include Peta Toppano, Allison Durban and Denis Walter.

Sunday night’s movies are Slaughterhouse Five (HSV7), Hard Contract (GTV9) and Cotton Comes To Harlem (ATV0). David Frost‘s documentary series Crossroads Of Civilisation premieres on ABC.

Source: TV Times (Melbourne edition), 20 May 1978. ABC/ACP

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  1. Someone needs to start a ‘whatever happened to’ site. So many I remember who have disappeared from our screens. Leif Garrett, while still alive last I heard, did not do well as an adult and slipped into alcohol and drugs. He does not look great now.

  2. Urgent “Number 96” DVD gossip!

    How’s this for hot news?

  3. Didn’t Leif end up in gaol last year or some such?

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