How the censor shot down Superman:
Australian scriptwriter Trevor Farrant had just spent six months working in the United States on the revived Laugh-In sketch comedy series. Farrant spoke to TV Times about his experiences in working the minefield that is the American network censors – including their outrage over his send-up of the Superman movie featuring the ‘world’s first siamese-twin superhero’, Ralph and Leroy Superman – a pair of mixed-race twins, of which one is gay.

New show for ‘discerning rock fans’:
ABC announces the launch of a new late-night rock music series Rocturnal. To be produced in Adelaide and hosted by local radio presenter David Woodhall, the new series is intended to fill the gap left by Countdown and other rock shows which are focussed mostly toward teenage viewers.

Dream job for Bunney:
Former Number 96 star Bunney Brooke will appear alongside John Meillon in Palace Of Dreams, the second of ABC’s Comedy Playhouse series. “I’m enjoying the prospect of working with John. It’s amazing that this will be the first time we’ve worked together,” said Brooke.

War hero’s son for Sullivans:
When the producers of The Sullivans decided to write a storyline around World War II hero Reg Saunders, he suggested they use his 24-year-old son Christopher to play the part. Saunders was the first Aborigine to be commissioned as an officer in the armed forces, and was impressed with his son’s portrayal of himself in episodes to screen late in March.

Viewpoint: Letters to the Editor:
“I couldn’t believe my ears when first I heard the sacred tune of Waltzing Matilda as the theme for the new Mortein ad. Then it amused me to think that by using the tune for a commercial it put paid to it ever becoming our national anthem.” G. Sheen, NSW.

“There should be another TV channel for sport only in the country areas. When cricket Tests and other major sports are played and shown we have no choice of good programs to watch. Could the Government consider letting ABC have another channel for sport only?” F. Edwards, NSW.

“I’d like to complain to GTV9 Melbourne for screening Star Trek at such unreasonable hours. One night it may be shown at 10.30pm, the next at 11.30pm. I know it’s up later than usual, but who would stay up until after midnight to watch it?” M. Dring, VIC.

What’s on (February 25-March 3):
GTV9’s annual telethon for the Yooralla Hospital is on again, starting Saturday morning at 7.00am and continuing through to midnight. Presenters and special guests include Don Lane, Bert Newton, Mike Walsh, Eric Pearce, Marcia Hines, Delilah, Tony Barber, and the stars of The Young Doctors and The Sullivans.

Sunday afternoon sport includes motor racing and cricket on ABC, Davis Cup tennis on HSV7 and Motorcross on ATV0.

The 1978 TV Week Logie Awards are televised on GTV9 on Friday night, hosted by Bert Newton and presented from the Southern Cross Hotel. Special guests include Florence Henderson, Sammy Davis Jnr, Patti Weaver and Mike Farrell.

Sunday night movies are Carry On Up The Jungle (HSV7), Trinity Is Still My Name (GTV9) and A Warm December (ATV0). ABC presents the second episode of the mini-series I Claudius.

Source: TV Times (Melbourne edition), 25 February 1978. ABC/ACP
Cover: Kermit the Frog and actress Juliet Prowse

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