tvtimes_180278 Cover: TV Times‘ Salute To Hollywood. Celebrating 50 years of ‘talkies’.

The search is over:
Producers of the upcoming mini-series Against The Wind have cast the lead female character for the 13-part epic. Irish-born Mary Larkin was chosen after auditions were held in Australia and England. TV Times reports that production of the $1 million series is now in early stages in Sydney and nearby Gosford, with producers working hard to gather or have made replicas of items from the 18th century to be used in the production.

Benny Hill’s Aussie show for UK:
The Australian-made special from British comedian Benny Hill is to be shown in the UK later in the year. The special, produced at a cost of $100,000 for the 0-10 Network, had been shown to executives of Thames TV who were “very complimentary” about the show.

Back to TV for Ross D:
Former pop TV host Ross D Wylie has been appointed as the new host of ATV0‘s late-night Friday and Saturday movies, replacing late-night pioneer Hal Todd who had moved to a management role at the station. “The first thing I want to do is improve the standard of the movies and make sure they will all be in colour,” said the former Uptight host.

“If I had a million…”:
TV Times asked some of TV’s most popular personalities: What would do with a million? The SullivansLorraine Bayly wanted to travel and to buy a zoo, and build a luxury old folks home. Former Number 96 star Pat McDonald would offer a large amount of it to research into children’s diseases, and to set up a trust fund for the local entertainment industry. Johnny Young wanted to travel around Australia, while newsreader Roger Climpson very sensibly planned to invest it.

Viewpoint: Letters to the Editor:
“I wish to complain about the science-fiction shows on TVT6 Hobart. Late last year I received information that the second series of Space 1999 was to be shown, but lately there has been no sign of it. Instead, they put on Fantastic Journey, which is quite absurd.” Leonard, TAS.

“I would like to thank the channels for their sports coverage and mediocre films during the day. Now I have time to do things in my home and garden, plus play records and cassettes and read.” J. Skinn, SA.

Johnny Farnham again showed his class and versatility with his great performances on both the special It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve and at the Carols By Candlelight event. Farnham is the greatest entertainer Australia has ever produced.” D. Bell, VIC.

What’s On (February 18-24):
‘s Four Corners with Caroline Jones returns for another year on Saturday night, while Ernie Sigley appeared alongside
Mary Hardy as guest co-host on HSV7‘s Penthouse ’78.

The then Governor-General of Australia, Sir Zelman Cowen, opens the 31st Federal Parliament – televised live on ABC on Tuesday afternoon.

GTV9‘s Wednesday night movie is the ‘modified TV version’ of the British comedy Percy – described by TV Times ever-so-quaintly as the story of “Edwin Anthony, recipient of the most sensual transplant ever”.

ATV0 presents a three-hour US documentary Life Goes To The Movies, tracing the history of how movies depicted American life from the 1930s through to the 1970s.

Sunday night movies are They Only Kill Their Masters (HSV7), Ash Wednesday (GTV9) and Doc (ATV0). ABC presents the premiere episode of the British mini-series I Claudius.

Source: TV Times, 18 February 1978 (Melbourne edition). ABC/ACP

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