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On This Day — 22 January

22 January 1959: John D’Arcy (The Teenage Hour) 22 January 1960: Johnny O’Keefe (Six O’Clock Rock) 22 January 1994: Tina Thomsen and Andrew Hill (Home And Away) 22 January 2005: Rebecca Cartwright and Kip Gamblin (Home And Away) 22 January 1991: The debut of Nine’s new comedy series All Together Now, starring Jon English and …

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On This Day — 12 September

12 September 1959: Shirlene Clancy, Geoff Hiscock, John D’Arcy (The Teenage Hour) 12 September 1981: Bill Stalker (Cop Shop) 12 September 1992: Sophie Lee (Sex) 12 September 1998: Swimmer Susie O’Neill and Ray Martin (Midday) 12 September 2009: Esther Anderson and Luke Jacobz (Home And Away) 12 September 1971: Nine in Sydney and Melbourne presents …

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