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On This Day — 7 August

7 August 1976: Anne Wills (NWS9, Adelaide, afternoon host) 7 August 1982: Glenn Wheatley and Sons And Daughters‘ Gaynor Martin 7 August 1993: Kimberley Davies (Neighbours) and Lisa Lackey (Home And Away) 7 August 2004: Christie Hayes, Bec Cartwright, Beau Brady (Home And Away) 7 August 2010: Tessa James and Amy Mathews (Home And Away) …

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ATV0… from Go!! to Ten

This Friday, 1 August, marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the first channel in what is now Network Ten. Earlier this year we took a look at the countdown to the launch of this new channel — ATV0 — plus its first test programs. This week we present some special posts in commemorating …

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