Thursday 31 December 1959 — MELBOURNE

TV Times reports that In Melbourne Tonight‘s New Year’s Eve edition, host Graham Kennedy will be frocked up for the Harrod’s Wheel segment. Over at ABC, singer Evie Hayes will host Top Pops Of 1959 to bring in the new decade – and at HSV7 it will be an all-star edition of Club Seven as performers from all the station’s live shows come together for a New Year’s Eve party to remember.

Source: TV Times, 25 December 1959

9AM 9.30am Test Pattern, Music
1PM 1pm Thursday At One. Bert Newton
2PM 2pm House Party 2.30 Dragnet
3PM 3.10 Movie: Danger On The Air. 1938 [IMDB] Includes Menu For Tomorrow 3pm Susie
3.30 It’s Always Jan
4PM 4pm Woman’s World. Joy Wren
4.30 New Zealand Mirror
4.45 Kindergarten Playtime
4.30 The Last Of The Mohicans 4pm Playhouse 15
4.15 Follow That Man
4.45 Mayor Of The Town
5PM 5pm Children’s TV Club 5pm Young Seven
5.45 Time For A Coke
5.15 The Happy Show
6PM 6pm Ivanhoe
6.30 I Married Joan
6pm Cartoon Carnival
6.23 The Mickey Mouse Club
6.50 News, Weather. Geoff Raymond
6.10 Fury
6.40 News. Eric Pearce
7PM 7pm ABC News. Tom Horton
7.15 Newsreel, Weather
7.30 Tales Of Wells Fargo
7pm Cannonball
7.30 The Real McCoys
7pm Soldiers Of Fortune
7.30 The Perry Como Show
8PM 8pm The Man Who Stroked Cats
8.30 Gaslight Music Hall
8pm Rawhide 8.30 Wagon Train
9PM 9pm 1959 In Retrospect
9.30 The Phil Silvers Show
9pm Peter Gunn
9.30 San Francisco Beat
9.30 In Melbourne Tonight: New Year’s Eve. Graham Kennedy, Bert Newton, Hal Todd, Joy Fountain, Geoff Corke, Joff Ellen
10PM 10pm Make Ours Music
10.30 ABC News
10.40 Gone Goons
10pm Retrospect
10.30 Club Seven. Frank Wilson
11PM 11.10 Special: Top Pops Of 1959
12AM 12.05am Close 12.30am Close 12.15am I Led Three Lives
12.45 Epilogue
12.50 Close