Tuesday 30 August 1960 — MELBOURNE

Daily film highlights of the Games Of The XVII Olympiad are sent from Rome for broadcast during regular news bulletins.

There are also dedicated highlights segments on ABC and HSV7.

Australian channels hoped to have film packages from Rome around 48 hours after the event

Source: TV Times, 25 August 1960

7AM 7am Music, Clock, Time Calls
7.30 Today. Hal Todd, Zara Lange, Brendan Edwards. Includes Olympic Report
8AM 8.30 Union Pacific
9AM 9am Close
12PM 12pm Movie: Shepherd Of The Ozarks. 1942 [IMDB]
1PM 1.30pm Movie: Santa Fe Trail. 1940 [IMDB] 1.30 Man Called X
2PM 2.57 Menu For Tomorrow 2pm Movie: Ladies Should Listen. 1934 [IMDB]
3PM 3pm Lady For A Day. Larry K Nixon 3pm On Trial
3.30 Fashion Digest
4PM 4pm Woman’s World. Joy Wren
4.30 New Zealand Mirror
4.45 Kindergarten Playtime
4pm Flash Gordon
4.30 Annie Oakley
4.55 Storytime
4pm Buccaneers
4.30 Wild Bill Hickok
5PM 5pm Children’s TV Club 5pm Young Seven. Madeleine Burke
5.50 Cartoon Carnival
5pm Gerry Gee’s Happy Show. Ron Blaskett, Gerry Gee, Susan-Gaye Anderson, Ernie Carroll, Ray Sharpe
6PM 6pm Come To The Caribbean
6.30 The Betty Hutton Show
6.55 Olympic Summary
6.15 Disney’s Adventure Time
6.45 News, Weather. Danny Webb, Brenda Marshall
6pm Roy Rogers
6.30 News. Eric Pearce. Includes Professor Browne’s Study
7PM  7pm ABC News, Newsreel, Weather. John Royle
7.30 The Ann Sothern Show
7pm Troubleshooters
7.30 Colt .45
7pm Challenge
7.30 M-Squad
8PM  8pm Sports Cavalcade
8.30 Movie: The Stars Look Down [IMDB]
8pm Father Knows Best
8.30 Perry Mason
8pm Tombstone Territory
8.30 The Detectives
9PM  9.30 The Bobby Limb Show 9pm Markham
9.30 Graham Kennedy’s In Melbourne Tonight. Bert Newton, Joff Ellen, Joy Fountain, Geoff Corke, Panda, Jack Little, Arthur Young’s Orchestra
10PM  10.10 Songs To Remember
10.30 ABC News, Newsreel
10.55 Close
10.30 Olympic Report
10.45 At Random. Michael Williamson
10.45 Heart Of The City
11PM  11.15 News. Geoff Raymond
11.20 Close
11.15 Epilogue: Christian Television Association
11.20 News. Eric Pearce
11.30 Close