Saturday 29 October 1983 — CANBERRA

The Seven Network and regional stations across Australia, including CTC7 in Canberra, conduct an experimental 2-hour broadcast in 3D

See also: Saturday 29 October 1983 — ADELAIDE

Source: TV Week, 29 October 1983

abc_1975_bw ctc7_bw network028_bw
7AM 7am Praise The Lord
8AM 8am Dinky Dog
8.30 Mighty Mouse
9AM 9am He-Man Master Of The Universe
9.25 New Scooby Doo
10AM 10am Sounds 10am UHF Documentary
10.13 Close
11AM 11.10am All Star Soccer
12PM 12.10pm Lawn Bowls 12pm Horse Racing: Victoria Derby. Live from Flemington, Melbourne.
1PM 1.10 Squash: Australian Open Championship
2PM 2.10 The Bradman Era 2pm UHF Documentary
2.13 Close
3PM 3pm Golf: Mayne Nickless PGA 3.20 UHF Documentary
3.35 Movie: Krakonos And The Skiers. 1980 (Czechoslovakia)
4PM 4pm Cricket: Fifth Test, Australia vs England
4.57 Race and Sporting Roundup
5PM 5pm World Womens’ Championship Squash Semi-Final 5.15 Community Billboard
5.20 Class Of ’83
5pm Lineup 28
5.30 World Soccer
6PM 6pm Countdown Flipside
6.55 Weather
6pm Australian Capital News
6.30 The 3D Television Experience. Includes Pardon My Backfire [IMDB], Movie: Fori Ti [IMDB]
6.30 World News
7PM  7pm ABC News, Sport
7.30 Four Corners
7pm Australian Tableland
7.30 Great Classical Steps (France)
8PM  8pm Great Little Railways
8.40 Saturday Night: A Voyage Around My Father [IMDB]
8.30 Movie: Goldie And Boxer. 1979 [IMDB] 8pm The Cold Heart (Germany)
8.30 Claudine (France)
9PM  9.58 News
10PM  10pm ABC News
10.10 Movie: Lydia. 1941 [IMDB]
10.20 Trapper John MD 10pm Movie: Slap The Monster On Page One. 1972 (Italy) [IMDB]
11PM  11.45 Close 11.20 Local Member
11.25 Movie: WC Fields And Me. 1976 [IMDB]
11.30 Continental Drift
12AM  12.35am Close 12.30am Close