Monday 28 November 1977 — MELBOURNE

The first episode of the Seven Network’s police drama Cop Shop, combining police drama with the popular soap element. The criminal goings on in suburban Riverside were mixed with a look at the lives of people around the local police station. The series would go on to run for 582 episodes, through to 1984.

Source: TV Times, 26 November 1977

6AM 6am The Gene Autry Show
7AM 7am The Super Flying Fun Show 7am The Early Bird Show
8AM 8am Sesame Street
9AM 9am Close
9.30 Play School
9am Romper Room. Miss Patricia 9am Here’s Humphrey 9am Rainbow
9.30 Fat Cat And Friends
10AM 10am For Schools: For The Juniors, Illusion, Face To Face 10am Hazel
10.30 Crossroads
10am Dinah! 10am Swami Sarasvati
10.15 King’s Kitchen
10.30 Shoulder To Shoulder. Mickie de Stoop
11AM 11am My Good Woman
11.30 Willesee At Seven (Rpt)
11am Another World
11.55 News
11.30 Rooms
12PM 12pm Close
12.35 Weekend Magazine (Rpt)
12pm Movie: Go Naked In The World. 1961 [IMDB] 12pm The Mike Walsh Show 12pm As The World Turns
1PM 1pm ABC News
1.10 Horizon-5. Neil Inall
1.29 Weather
1.30 For Schools: Thinkabout Talkabout, Know Your Australia
1.30 Days Of Our Lives 1pm Ryan’s Hope
2PM 2.20 Close 2pm Mannix 2.30 The Young And The Restless
2.55 News
2pm Keep Pace With Harriet
3PM 3pm The Saint 3pm General Hospital
3.30 Search For Tomorrow
3pm Mothers-In-Law
3.30 Julia
4PM 4pm Play School
4.25 Kiri The Clown
4.30 Sesame Street
4pm The New Mickey Mouse Club
4.30 The Kids From CAPER
4pm The Daryl And Ossie Cartoon Show 4pm The Cisco Kid
4.30 Green Acres
5PM 5.30 Flashez. Ray Burgess, Mike Meade 5pm Batman
5.30 Get Smart
5pm Apple’s Way 5pm Family Affair
5.30 Temperatures Rising
6PM 6pm Soccer: The Big Match
6.55 Holiday Hazards
6pm Doc
6.30 Seven National News. Brian Naylor, Peter Landy, Ilona Komesaroff
6pm The Young Doctors
6.30 National Nine News. Eric Pearce, Peter Hitchener
6pm News At Six. Bruce Mansfield
6.30 $30,000 Treasure Hunt. Chard Hayward, Marie van Maaren
7PM  7pm ABC News. Geoff Raymond
7.30 This Day Tonight. Peter Couchman
7pm Willesee At Seven. Mike Willesee
7.30 Welcome Back Kotter
7pm A Current Affair. Michael Schildberger
7.30 The Sullivans
7pm Blankety Blanks
7.30 That’s Life. Barry Creyton, Noel Ferrier, Bernadette Hughson, Doug Scroop
8PM  8pm A Big Country
8.30 Kirby’s Company
8pm Good Times
8.30 Cop Shop. Peter Adams, Tony Bonner, Paula Duncan, Joanna Lockwood, George Mallaby, Terry Norris, Greg Ross, Peter Sumner, Rowena Wallace, Patrick Ward PREMIERE
8.30 Police Story 8.30 The Blue Knight
9PM  9.20 Monday Conference. Robert Moore 9.30 The Sweeney 9.30 National Nine News 9.30 Mini-Series: The Whiteoaks Of Jalna [IMDB]
10PM  10.10 ABC News, Weather
10.20 Table Talk With David Kossoff
10.50 Close
10.30 Bronk 10pm All In The Family
10.30 Marcus Welby MD
10.30 The FBI
11PM  11.30 The Untouchables (B&W) 11.30 That’s My Mama 11.30 Movie: The Nitrotrap [IMDB]
12AM  12.30am Close 12am Movie: Thin Air. 1968 [IMDB]
1AM  1.35 Movie: Voodoo Island. 1957 [IMDB] 1.10am Close
2AM  2.50 Movie: The Giant Claw. 1957 (B&W) [IMDB]
5AM  5am Seaway (B&W)
(Continues to 6am)