Saturday 28 September 1974 — BRISBANE

The 1974 VFL Grand Final, between Richmond and North Melbourne, is broadcast live from Melbourne. However, Melbourne viewers would continue to be denied live TV coverage of the Grand Final as Melbourne channels ABV2 and HSV7 declined to match the VFL’s asking price of $50,000 for rights to the live coverage.

Melbourne, and Victorian, viewers would not get to see the VFL Grand Final live on TV until 1977.

Source: TV Week, 28 September 1974.

7AM 7.30am Groovy Goolies
7.45 Turf Talk
7.55am Wotsaname Show
8AM 8am Live Segment
8.30 Jacki And All That Jazz
8am Breakfast
9AM 9am The Saturday Show
10AM 10am Movie: Clash Of Steel. 1964 [IMDB]
11AM 11.15 Movie: The Gamma People. 1955 [IMDB]
12PM 12.25pm This Day Tonight (Rpt)
12.55 Football: VFL. Highlights from last Saturday
12.30pm Movie: Sandokan Against The Leopard Of Sarawak. 1964 [IMDB] 12pm Circus
12.30 Movies: Fury Of The Pagans. 1962 [IMDB]; Conqueror Of Maracaibo. 1960 [IMDB]
12pm The Rovers
12.30 Movie: Red Stallion. 1947 [IMDB]
1PM 1.55 Football: VFL Grand Final. Richmond v North Melbourne. Live from Melbourne
2PM 2pm Sportsview 2pm Movie: Missile Base At Toniak. 1966 [IMDB]
3PM 3.10 Rugby Union Grand Final 3.30 Gilligan’s Island
4PM 4pm The Curiosity Show 4pm Junior Jury
4.30 What In The World
5PM 5.35 The Enchanted House
5.45 Larry The Lamb
5.55 The Magic Roundabout
5pm This Week Has Seven Days 5pm Look Listen Laugh And Learn
5.30 Here’s Lucy
5pm Time For Living. JJ White, Marie Knapp
5.30 The Brady Bunch
6PM 6.05 Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kids
6.30 Treasure Over The Water
6.55 Weather
6pm News. John Fleming
6.30 Special: Gentleman Of Titipu
6pm News
6.30 Travlin’ Out West. John Williamson
6pm News
6.30 It’s Magic. Johnny Farnham, Colleen Hewett
7PM  7pm ABC News
7.15 Sports Review
7.30 The FBI
7.30 The Streets Of San Francisco 7.30 Studio 9. Paul Sharratt 7.30 Movie: Climb An Angry Mountain. 1972 [IMDB]
8PM  8.20 Rush In Production
8.35 Four Corners. Caroline Jones
8.30 Movie: Billion Dollar Brain. 1967 [IMDB] 8.30 Movie: Breakfast At Tiffany’s. 1961 [IMDB]
9PM  9.25 Ted Hamilton’s Musical World 9.20 Movie: Kill Me Gently [IMDB]
10PM  10.15 Movie: The Man Who Wouldn’t Talk Much. 1958 [IMDB] 10.30 Return Engagement 10.30 Banyon
11PM  11.50 Close 11pm Close 11.30 Close 11pm Variety Italian Style. Anne Luciano, John Mahon
12AM  12am Close