Friday 27 April 1962 — VICTORIA

Official launch for Ballarat television station BTV6 — the fourth regional commercial station in Victoria

Ballarat television turns 50 [2012]

Source: TV Week, 23 April 1962

10AM 10am Test Pattern, Music
11AM 11.45 Fun With Food
12PM 12pm Movie: Thirteen Hours By Air. 1936 [IMDB]
1PM 1.30pm First Edition News
1.35 Interpol Calling
1.30 The Loretta Young Show
2PM 2pm Mainly For Women. Corinne Kerby
2.30 For Schools: Science And Life, Chez Les Dupre
2pm Say When
2.30 Lady For A Day
2pm Burns And Allan
2.30 Markham
3PM 3.05 Test Pattern, Music 3pm Movie: Macbeth. 1948 [IMDB] 3pm It Could Be You. Tommy Hanlon Jnr
3.30 Concentration
4PM 4.45 Kindergarten Playtime 4.15 Box Of Tricks 4pm Roy Rogers
4.30 The Cisco Kid
5PM 5pm The Peep Peep Show. Includes The Shari Lewis Show 5pm The Happy Show 5pm The Tarax Show
6PM 6pm You Asked For It
6.30 Biggles
6pm Robin Hood
6.30 News. Geoff Raymond
6pm Komedy Korner: The Three Stooges
6.30 News, Newsreel, Weather. Eric Pearce, Jack Little
7PM 7pm ABC News
7.30 Focus On Football
7pm The Nelsons
7.30 Sunnyside Up
7pm The Danny Thomas Show
7.30 In Melbourne Tonight
8PM 8pm No Hiding Place
8.45 Dan Farson In Australia
8.30 Movie: A Woman’s Face. 1941 [IMDB] 8.30 Movie: I’ll Get By. 1950 [IMDB]
9PM 9pm The Magic Of Music
9.30 Any Questions?
10PM 10pm International Scene
10.15 The Nature Of Things
10.30 ABC News, Newsreel
10.55 Close
10.30 Daly At Night 10pm Four Just Men
10.30 Shotgun Slade
11PM 11.30 Late News Headlines
11.35 Close
11pm Television City News
11.15 Epilogue
11.20 Close


7pm Commence Transmission
7.01 This Is BTV Channel 6. Documentary showing the development of Channel 6 since the station site was selected
7.15 Official Opening BTV6. Introduced by Cr. Alan Pittard, Chairman of BTV6
7.30 BP Super Show
8.30 The Grey Nurse Said Nothing
10pm Movie: The African Queen. 1951 [IMDB]
11.30 Close
2pm Test Pattern
5.30 GMV Juniors. Nancy Cato
6pm The Lone Ranger
6.30 Let’s Talk About Farming
6.40 News, Weather
7pm The Phil Silvers Show
7.30 Assignment Foreign Legion
8pm The Mobil-Limb Show
8.30 Movie: Picture Of Dorian Gray. 1945 [IMDB]
10.20 News, Weather
10.30 Epilogue
10.35 Close
5.30pm Cobbers’ Teleclub. John Crook
6pm Robin Hood
6.30 News, Newsreel, Weather. Ron Alderton
7pm The Phil Silvers Show
7.30 Assignment Foreign Legion
8pm The Mobil-Limb Show
8.30 Hong Kong
9.30 Naked City
10pm News
10.10 Epilogue
10.15 Close
5.55pm Program Summary
6pm Crusader Rabbit
6.15 Tales Of The Texas Rangers
6.45 News, Weather
7pm Air Power
7.30 Bert Newton Channel Nine Show
8.30 The Roaring ’20s
9.30 Movie: A Bill Of Divorcement. 1932 [IMDB]
10.40 News, Weather, Epilogue
10.45 Close