Monday 26 March 1962 — NEW SOUTH WALES

Source: TV Week, 24 March 1962


10AM 10.30am Small Time
10.50 Headline News
10.55 A Woman’s View
10.30am Kindergarten Playroom
11AM 11.30am For Schools: Farrar — Breeder Of Wheat
11.50 Close
11am Your Home. Del Cartwright, Tony Ward 11am Doorway To Knowledge
12PM 12pm It Could Be You. Tommy Hanlon Jnr
12.30 Movie: They Live In Fear. 1944 [IMDB]
12pm The Honeymooners
12.30 Movie: Follow The Fleet. 1936 [IMDB]
2PM 2pm Women’s World. Mary Rossi
2.30 For Schools: Harvesting the Grain
2.50 Close
2pm The Danny Thomas Show
2.30 The Loretta Young Show
2pm Woolworths’ Say When. Jimmy Hannan
2.30 Play Your Hunch
3PM 3pm Movie: Take A Chance. 1933 [IMDB] 3pm Wheel Of Fortune
3.30 Concentration. Terry Dear
4PM 4.45 Kindergarten Playtime 4.25 Goldmine
4.30 Corky And Gerry Gee. Geoff Corke, Gerry Gee, Susan-Gaye Anderson
4pm Robin Hood
4.30 Ampol Junior Car Club
5PM 5pm Monday Showcase 5pm Superman
5.30 Bat Masterson
5pm Texas Rangers
5.30 Courageous Cat
5.35 Huckleberry Hound
6PM 6pm You Asked For It
6.30 Ann Sothern Show
6.55 This May Interest You
6pm Crusader Rabbit
6.15 The Three Stooges
6.35 News, Weather. Kevin Sanders
6.55 Comment
6pm Rin Tin Tin
6.30 News. Chuck Faulkner, David Low
7PM  7pm News, Newsreel, Weather
7.30 Deadline Midnight
7pm BP Pick-A-Box. Bob Dyer, Dolly Dyer
7.30 The Andy Griffith Show
7pm Father Knows Best
7.30 Stagecoach West
8PM  8.20 Tony Guterres
8.30 Sports Cavalcade. Norman May
8pm Laramie 8.30 I Love Lucy
9PM  9pm Meet Us In London
9.30 University Of The Air
9pm Naked City 9pm Candid Camera
9.30 Consider Your Verdict
10PM  10pm Rogue Herries
10.30 News, Newsreel
10.55 Close
10pm Markham
10.30 Crime Doesn’t Pay
10.55 Headline News
10.30 Movie: It All Came True. 1940 [IMDB]
11PM  11pm Reflections
11.05 Close
12AM  12am Close


2.30pm Invisible Man
3pm Home At Three. Ken Eady
3.30 My Little Margie
4pm Hopalong Cassidy
4.30 Three Cheers Show. Murray Finlay
5pm The Mickey Mouse Club
6pm Robin Hood
6.30 News. Murray Finlay
7pm Our Miss Brooks
7.30 Cannonball
8pm Gunslinger
9pm Ray Milland
9.30 Naked City
10pm Panic
10.30 Evening Meditation
10.35 Close
5.15pm Channel 4 Club. Ralph Fairbrother
5.45 Lone Ranger
6.15 Invisible Man
6.40 Almanac
6.45 News. Don Dive
7pm Burns And Allen
7.30 Rescue 8
8pm Michael Shayne
9pm Naked City
9.30 Assignment Foreign Legion
10pm Interlude
10.05 Close
5.30pm The Mickey Mouse Club
6.15 Fury
6.45 News
7pm BP Pick-A-Box
7.30 Cannonball
8pm I Love Lucy
8.30 Michael Shayne
9.30 Panic
10pm News Headlines
10.05 Close