Monday 26 January 1981 — ADELAIDE

ABC’s prime time line-up for Australia Day includes the Governor-General’s Australia Day Message, the Australia Day Live concert from Melbourne and the premiere of the six-part comedy And Here Comes Bucknuckle, starring Peter Curtin, Noni Hazlehurst, John Bluthal and Reg Evans. The series screens over six consecutive nights. Later, there is a repeat of the three-part 1980 drama Players To The Gallery, starring Peter Sumner, Kate Fitzpatrick and Richard Moir.

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Source: The Australian Women’s Weekly TV World, 28 January 1981

7AM 7am Movie: Treasure Island. 1970 [IMDB]
8AM 8.45 Movie: About Face. 1952 [IMDB]
9AM 9.10am Here’s Humphrey
10AM 10am Ready Set Go
10.30 Wait Till Your Father Gets Home
10.10 Movie: Raising The Wind. 1962 [IMDB] 10.30 Movie: Amazons Of Rome. 1963 [IMDB]
11AM 11am The Cisco Kid (B&W)
11.30 Tom And Jerry
11.49 Anne Wills Hosting
11.50 Movie: Desk Set. 1957 [IMDB]
12PM 12.30pm ABC News, Weather
12.41 Weekend Magazine (Rpt)
12pm Movie: Strange Holiday. 1969 [IMDB] 12.15pm Movie: Sunstruck [IMDB]
1PM 1.05 Swimming: 1980 Australian Championships 1.30 Movie: Navy Wife. 1935 (B&W) [IMDB] 1.44pm Head Start To Beauty
1.49 News
1.50 Movie: Apache Drums. 1951 [IMDB]
2PM 2.05 Motor Racing: 1980 Italian Grand Prix 2pm Movie: 80 Steps To Jonah. 1969 [IMDB]
3PM 3.05 Rugby Union: 1980 All Nations Cup 3pm Coronation Street 3.10 Super Monday
3.40 Cricket: Second Test. Live from Adelaide Oval
4PM 4pm Play School
4.30 Sesame Street
4pm Kids Only — KO
4.30 Heidi
4pm Thunder
4.30 Simon Townsend’s Wonder World
5PM 5.30 Sam’s Luck
5.58 ABC News Headlines
5pm Elephant Boy
5.30 Celebrity Tattletales
5pm Dance Fever
5.30 The Celebrity Game
6PM 6pm Seven Little Australians
6.55 Videodisc
6pm In Search Of
6.30 Seven National News. Guy Blackmore
6pm The Young Doctors
6.30 News. Roger Cardwell, Caroline Ainslie
6pm News. Tony Dickinson, Jane Reilly
6.30 The Have A Go Show. Jimmy Hannan
7PM  7pm ABC News
7.30 His Excellency The Governor-General’s Australia Day Message 1981
7.40 Special: Australia Day Live. Barry Crocker, Julie Anthony, June Bronhill, Kamahl, Debbie Byrne, Air Supply, The Australian Boys Choir
7pm Welcome Back Kotter
7.30 Special: John Denver And The Ladies
7pm Hogan’s Heroes
7.30 Benson
7.05 Special: Summergirl ’81 Grand Final
7.35 Alice
8PM  8.50 Bird Of The Thunder Woman 8.30 News
8.35 Cop Shop
8pm Taxi
8.30 News
8.31 Movie: Soldier Blue. 1970 [IMDB]
8.05 Detective School
8.35 American Girls
9PM  9.40 ABC News, Weather
9.50 And Here Comes Bucknuckle PREMIERE
9.35 Skyways 9.35 Movie: Come Out Fighting. 1972 [IMDB]
10PM  10.20 Players To The Gallery 10.35 Big League Soccer 10pm New Zealand Summer Games 10.35 Mission Impossible
11PM  11.10 World Of Music
11.45 Close
11.35 The Persuaders 11pm Cricket: Second Test. Highlights 11.35 Hello Larry
12AM  12.35am Goodnight; Close 11.30 Movie: The Man Who Never Was. 1956 [IMDB] 12.05am With Joyful Praise
12.10 Close
2AM  1.30am On This Day (B&W); Close