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Saturday 25 October 1980 — MELBOURNE

Second day’s transmission for SBS television Channel 0/28

Source: TV Week, 25 October 1980

  ABV2 HSV7 GTV9 ATV10 SBS0/28
6AM 6am King Leonardo
6.30 The Rocky And Bullwinkle Show
7AM 7am King Kong
7.30 Sigmund And The Sea Monsters
8AM 8.30am Godzilla 8am Hey Hey It’s Saturday! 8am Waterline
8.30 Laurel And Hardy (B&W)
9AM 9am Sounds. Donnie Sutherland 9am Cartoon Carnival
11AM 11am The Secrets Of Isis
11.30 McDuff The Talking Dog
11am The Littlest Hobo
11.30 The Magic Wok. Philip Paxton
12PM 12pm Racing: WS Cox Plate. Live from Moonee Valley 12pm Wide World Of Sport 12pm Movie: From The Earth To The Moon. 1958 (B&W) [IMDB]
1PM 1pm Soccer: Match Of The Day 1pm Movie: Carry On Teacher. 1959 (B&W) [IMDB]
2PM 2pm Golf: Westlakes Classic Championship. Live from Adelaide 2.30 Movie: The Man In The White Suit. 1952 (B&W) [IMDB] 2pm Movie: Green Grass Of Wyoming. 1948 [IMDB]
3PM 3.45 Movie: Captains Of The Clouds. 1942 [IMDB]
4PM 4pm The Krofft Supershow
5PM 5.35 Survival 5.30 Dave Allen And Friends With Unusual Oddities 5pm Candid Camera
5.30 Sports Review. Arthur Higgins, Brian Smith
5pm Cartoons (Italy, Hungary, Russia)
5.30 La Sonrisa De Un Niño (Spain)
6PM 6pm Countdown 6pm Seven National News. Pamela Graham
6.30 Young Ramsay
6pm National Nine News. John Gatfield
6.30 Ask The Leylands
6pm Eyewitness News. Rod McNeil
6.30 Young Talent Time
6.30 Special: China Acrobats
7PM  7pm ABC News. Edwin Maher
7.15 Sport
7.26 Weather
7.30 Parkinson
7.30 Mind Your Language 7.30 Hawaii Five-0 7.30 The Dukes Of Hazzard 7.30 Montreux Comedy Festival: 7.30 To Norway, Home Of The Giants (Norway), 8pm Slim Sala Bim (Norway), 8.30 Non-Stop Nonsense (Germany)
8PM  8.30 Four Corners. Caroline Jones 8pm The Rag Trade
8.25 Super 66 Draw. John Deeks, Debbie Phin
8.30 Tennis: Melbourne Indoor Championship. Live from Frankston Indoor Courts
8.30 Kaz 8.30 Movie: Billy Two Hats. 1973 [IMDB]
9PM  9.25 ABC News, Weather
9.35 Sherlock Holmes (B&W)
9.30 Tattslotto. John Deeks, Debbie Phin
9.35 Tennis (cont’d)
9.30 Movie: My Name Is Nobody. 1974 [IMDB] 9pm Movie: Hotel Pacific. 1975  (Poland) [IMDB]
10PM  10.40 Bellamy’s Europe 10.25 Movie: Sudden Fury. 1975 [IMDB] 10.30 Movie: Varinka (France)
11PM  11.10 Close 11.35 Big League Soccer 11.30 World War II: Soldier’s Diary
12AM  12.45am Close 12am Movie: How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. 1967 [IMDB] 12.15am Movie: A Man Alone. 1955 [IMDB] 12am Close
2AM  2.10 Movie: Baby Doll. 1956 (B&W) [IMDB] 2.45 Close
3AM  3.20 Movie: Paris When It Sizzles. 1964 [IMDB]
5AM  5.15 The Big Valley
(Continues to 6am)

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