Friday 25 March 2005 — MELBOURNE

Good Friday, and the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal dominates the day on Seven, continuing a TV tradition dating back to 1957.

ABC debuts its new interview series Talking Heads, hosted by Peter Thompson.

(This listing excludes community Channel 31 and digital-only channels ABC2 and SBS World News Channel which are not listed in TV Week)

Source: TV Week, 19 March 2005

6AM 6am Ocean Girl
6.25 Backyard Science
6.35 The Worst Witch
6am Sunrise. Melissa Doyle, David Koch 6am National Nine Early Morning News 6am Totally Wild
6.30 Aerobics Oz Style
6am Worldwatch: 6am Cantonese News, 6.20 Mandarin News, 7.25 Italian News, 8am Das Journal, 8.30 Spanish News, 9.20 Le Journal, 9.55 Russian News, 10.30 Greek News, 11.30 Arabic News, 12.05pm Indonesian News, 12.30 Business Report
7AM 7am The Fairytaler
7.25 Lavender Castle
7.40 Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks
7am Today 7am Cheez TV
8AM 8am Toddworld
8.15 Jasper The Penguin
8.20 Franny’s Feet
8.30 Sesame Street
8.30 In The Box
9AM 9am The Koala Brothers
9.10 The Wiggles
9.20 Pingu
9.25 Bananas In Pyjamas
9.30 Play School
9am Playhouse Disney
9.30 Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal
9am Mornings With Kerri-Anne 9am Good Morning Australia. Bert Newton
10AM 10am Special: The Wiggles — Wiggle Bay
10.40 Postman Pat
10am Turn Round Australia
10.30 Easter Dream
11AM 11.05 Special: Stellaluna
11.45 Backyard Science
11am National Nine News
11.30 Fresh Cooking With The Australian Women’s Weekly
11am Huey’s Cooking Adventures
11.30 Ten News
12PM 12pm Feast Of The Giant Sharks
12.30 Oliver’s Twist
12pm Seven News
12.30 Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal (cont’d)
12pm Dr Phil 12pm Movie: The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli And Baloo. 1997 [IMDB]
1PM 1pm Classic Parkinson 1pm Days Of Our Lives 1pm Insight (Rpt)
2PM 2pm Keeping Up Appearances
2.30 My Hero
2pm The Young And The Restless 2pm Oprah Winfrey 2pm Special: Oz Concert 2005
3PM 3pm Bananas In Pyjamas
3.05 Boohbah
3.25 Tiny Planets
3.30 Play School
3pm Entertainment Tonight
3.30 New MacDonald’s Farm
3pm Huey’s Cooking Adventures
3.30 Judge Judy
3.30 Easter In Art
4PM 4pm Arthur
4.25 Martin Morning
4.35 Olliver’s Adventures
4.45 Tracey McBean
4pm Streetsmartz
4.30 National Nine News Afternoon Edition
4pm Scooter: Secret Agent
4.30 The Bold And The Beautiful
4pm World Sport (Rpt)
4.30 The Journal
5PM 5pm Tutenstein
5.25 The Saddle Club
5.50 Mr Bean With Rowan Atkinson
5pm The Price Is Right. Larry Emdur 5pm Ten News 5pm Newshour With Jim Lehrer (PBS)
6PM 6pm Message Stick
6.30 Talking Heads. Peter Thompson PREMIERE
6pm Seven News
6.30 Today Tonight
6pm National Nine News
6.30 A Current Affair
6pm The Simpsons
6.30 Neighbours
6pm Global Village
6.30 World News
7PM  7pm ABC News
7.30 Compass
7pm Home And Away
7.30 Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal (cont’d)
7pm Frasier
7.30 Renovation Rescue
7pm The Simpsons
7.30 American Idol
7pm World Sport
7.30 Lonely Planet Six Degrees
8PM  8pm Strictly Dancing
8.30 Blue Murder
8.30 Movie: Star Wars: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back. 1980 [IMDB] 8.20 Hotline
8.30 Desperately Seeking Sheila
9PM  9.45 Dalziel And Pascoe 9pm Special: The 47th Annual Grammy Awards 9.30 World News Tonight
10PM  10.35 The Kumars At No. 42 10pm Messiah
11PM  11.05 The Glass House (Rpt)
11.35 Rage
(Continues to  11.15am)
11pm Nightline
11.15 Movie: Carpool. 1996 [IMDB]
11.30 Video Hits Uncut 11.55 Movie: The Hold Up. 2001 (Spain) [IMDB]
12AM  12am Celebrity Boot Camp
1AM  1pm Rugby League: NRL. Sydney Roosters v Brisbane Broncos 1.30am Movie: Tell Her I’m Dreaming. 1998 (France) [IMDB]
2AM  2am Guthy-Renker 2am Home Shopping
3AM  3am City Guys
3.30 Malibu CA
3am Whose Line Is It Anyway?
3.30 The Bernie Mac Show
3.05 Close
4AM  4am Today (NBC)
(Continues to 6am)
4am Entertainment Tonight
4.30 Good Morning America
(Continues to 6am)
4am Crime And Punishment
5AM  5am This Is Your Day With Benny Hinn
5.30 Christian City TV
(Continues to 6am)
5am Weatherwatch, Music
5.25 Worldwatch: Japanese News
(Continues to 6am)