Saturday 23 July 1960 — MELBOURNE

GTV9 launches breakfast program Today, hosted by Barry McQueen and featuring Zara Lange and Brendan Edwards.

Today screens Monday to Saturday mornings.

Source: TV Times, 21 July 1960

7AM 7am Music, Clock, Audio Time Calls
7.30 Today. Barry McQueen, Brendan Edwards, Zara Lange PREMIERE
8AM 8.30 Mayor Of The Town
9AM 9am Close
1PM 1.45pm Sports View
1.50 Football: VFL. Final Quarter, Hawthorn v Fitzroy (9/7/1960)
2PM 2.20 Films Of The Olympic Games: 1956
3PM 3.10 Tribute To Mike Hawthorn
3.25 Hit Parade. Includes race results and football scores
3.15pm These Were Hits
3.45 Gaslight Music Hall. Henry Gilbert, Dolore Whiteman, John Bluthal
3.30pm Sports Magazine, Jack Little. Includes VFL: Final Quarter, South Melbourne v Geelong
4PM 4.10 Football: VFL. Final Quarter, Collingwood v Hawthorn
4.50 Sports View (cont’d)
4.15 Football: VFL. Final Quarter, Melbourne v St Kilda
5PM 5pm Ray Mitchell’s Boxing Corner
5.30 Cartoon Time
5.15 Bandstand. Brian Henderson 5.30 Topper
6PM 6pm Six O’Clock Rock. Tanya Halesworth 6pm Peter’s Fun Fair
6.30 Swallow’s Juniors. Brian Naylor
6pm Western Theatre
7PM  7pm ABC News. John Royle
7.12 Weather
7.15 Sports Review. Joe Brown
7.30 Today’s Football: VFL
7pm Football Inquest. Michael Williamson
7.30 Val Parnell’s Saturday Night Spectaclar
7pm The Mickey Rooney Show
7.30 Movie: The Great Victor Herbert. 1939 [IMDB]
8PM  8pm Tightrope
8.30 Cafe Continental
8.30 Hawaiian Eye
9PM  9pm Movie: The Corsican Brothers. 1941 [IMDB] 9.30 Wanted Dead Or Alive 9pm State Trooper
9.30 The General Motors Hour: Thunder On Sycamore Street [IMDB]
10PM  10.45 Damon Runyon Theatre 10pm News. Geoff Raymond
10.15 Ringside With The Rasslers
10.30 Mickey Spillane
11PM  11.10 Close 11.15 Football: VFL. Final Quarter. Melbourne v St Kilda (Rpt)
11.45 Close
11pm News. Jack Little
11.15 Epilogue
11.25 Close