Thursday 23 March 1961 — SYDNEY

Source: TV Week, 23 March 1961

7AM 7am Headline News, Weather
7.05 Cartoons
7.10 Today. Ray Taylor, Enzo Toppano, Peggy Mortimer
7.40 Crusader Rabbit
7.45 News, Weather. Michael Dean
8AM 8am Today (cont’d)
9AM 9.15 Close
10AM 10am Test Pattern, Music
11AM 11.30 For Schools: The Unknown Land
11.50 Test Pattern, Music
11.15 Test Pattern, Music
11.40 News. Michael Dean
11.50 Women’s View
11am Doorway To Knowledge
12PM 12.45pm Close 12pm Movie: Broken Lullaby. 1932 [IMDB] 12pm Close
1PM 1.30 Love And Marriage 1pm Jackpot Quiz. Bob McGready
1.30 Family
2PM 2pm Woman’s World. Jean Battersby
2.30 For Schools: Botany Bay
2.50 Test Pattern, Music
2pm Your Home. Del Cartwright
2.30 Mayor Of The Town
2pm Happy Go Lucky
2.30 Concentration. Terry Dear
3PM 3pm Eddie Cantor Comedy Theatre
3.30 Staccato
3pm The Gale Storm Show
3.30 Wheel Of Fortune. Reg Grundy
4PM 4.45 Kindergarten Playtime 4pm Fury
4.30 Captain Fortune
4.45 Cartoons
4pm Whirlybirds
4.30 Channel 9 Pins. Desmond Tester
5PM 5pm All In Together 5pm The Party Show
5.25 Crusader Rabbit
5.30 Superman
5pm Robin Hood
5.25 Spunky And Tadpole
5.30 Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon
6PM 6pm On Safari With Armand Denis
6.30 Mantovani
6.55 To Market To Market
6pm Ruff And Ready
6.25 Pow Wow Cartoon
6.30 Our Gang
6.40 News, Weather
6pm Rocky And His Friends
6.20 MGM Cartoon
6.30 Radar Men From The Moon
6.45 News, Sport, Weather. Chuck Faulkner, Roger Climpson
7PM  7pm ABC News, Newsreel, Weather
7.30 Life Of Riley
7pm Pony Express
7.30 Tom Ewell Show
7pm The Real McCoys
7.30 Surfside 6
8PM  8pm People
8.30 Cafe Continental
8pm Pete And Gladys
8.30 Naked City
8.30 Rawhide
9PM  9pm Royal Canadian Mounted Police
9.30 Horizons
9.30 Mickey Spillane 9.30 Peter Gunn
10PM  10pm Damon Runyon Theatre
10.30 Newsreel
10.55 Close
10pm Bold Venture
10.30 Highway Patrol
10pm US Marshall
10.30 Top Pro Golf
11PM  11pm Headline News
11.03 Close
11.30 Close