Wednesday 18 November 1959 — MELBOURNE

ABV2 presents a live presentation of the play Outpost, a fictional drama about Australian servicemen in the jungles of New Guinea during World War II. It stars Dennis Miller, Paul Karo, Syd Conabere, Keith Eden and John Morgan. Outpost was written by John Cameron, a production manager at ABC who was a sergeant in the Royal Australian Navy Signal Corps.

A tele-recording of the play was broadcast on ABN2, Sydney, on 9 December 1959.

Source: TV Times, 13 November 1959

11AM 11.30am Golf: Canada Cup. Live from Royal Melbourne Golf Club
12PM 12.30pm Racing: Bendigo Cup. Live from Bendigo
1PM 1pm Close
1.30 Golf: Canada Cup (cont’d)
2PM 2.30pm My Fair Lady. June Finlayson, Charles Bush
3PM 3pm For Schools: Posting A Letter
3.20 Golf: Canada Cup (cont’d)
3pm The Jean Bowring Show
3.30 Janet Dean RN
3.58 Menu For Tomorrow. Sue Butterworth
4PM 4pm Woman’s World. Gwen Plumb
4.30 Golf: Canada Cup (cont’d)
4.45 Kindergarten Playtime
4pm The Honeymooners
4.30 Circus Boy
5PM 5pm Children’s TV Club 5pm Young Seven
5.45 The Cool Cats Show. Don Bennetts
5.15 The Happy Show
6PM 6pm The Lone Ranger
6.30 The Donna Reed Show
6.15 Tom Terrific
6.20 The Mickey Mouse Club
6.50 News. Geoff Raymond
6.15 Our Gang
6.36 News, Newsreel. Eric Pearce. Includes Professor Browne’s Study
7PM  7pm ABC News, Newsreel, Weather
7.30 Amos ‘N Andy
7pm Rin Tin Tin
7.30 The Restless Gun
7pm Flight
7.30 The People’s Choice
8PM  8pm Play: Outpost [IMDB] 8pm The Thin Man
8.30 Movie: Possessed [IMDB]
8pm Wyatt Earp
8.30 Bold Venture
9PM  9pm Rooftop Rendezvous
9.30 Any Questions
9pm Rough Riders
9.30 In Melbourne Tonight. Graham Kennedy
10PM  10pm Golf: Canada Cup. Highlights
10.30 ABC News, Newsreel
10.55 Close
10pm Gunsmoke
10.30 Richard Diamond Detective
11PM  11pm Operation Strategic Service
11.30 Close
11pm Buckskin
11.30 Epilogue
11.35 News. Eric Pearce
11.45 Close