Tuesday 17 November 1970 — SYDNEY

Source: TV Week, 14 November 1970

6AM 6.55am Crusader Rabbit 6.55am Kooky
7AM 7am Sydney Today 7am The Super Flying Fun Show. Marilyn Mayo 7am Cartoons
8AM 8.30 Here’s Humphrey 8.30 The Magic Circle Club
9AM 9.30am For Schools: Juniors 9am My Name’s McGooley What’s Yours?
9.30 Popeye
9.50 Romper Room
9.25 Relaxing With Roma
9.30 This Morning. Includes Broken Arrow, What’s My Line?, Peyton Place, Jackpot Quiz
9am Kindy
9.30 Owly’s School
10AM 10.10 Play School
10.40 For Schools: People Of Many Lands, Secondary Science, Primary Science, Your Career
10.50 Heartline. Haydn Sargent 10am The Marvellous Munchkin Show
10.30 Cookery News
11AM 11.50 Lucky Seven (also between programs up until 3.30pm)
11.51 Movie: World In His Arms. 1952 [IMDB]
11.50 Movie: Under My Skin. 1950 [IMDB] 11am Newsbreak
11.04 The Mike Douglas Show
12PM 12pm John Mahon’s For Ladies Only
1PM 1pm ABC News
1.05 Close
1.30pm Beauty And The Beast. John Laws 1.25pm National Nine News
1.30 Days Of Our Lives
1.55 Jackpot Quiz (also at 2.25, 2.55)
1pm Ray Taylor Today
1.30 Movie: Secret Of The Purple Reef. 1960 [IMDB]
2PM 2.35 For Schools: About Books 2.30 Temptation. Tony Barber 2pm Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
2.30 General Hospital
3PM 3.50 Andy Pandy 3pm Ben Casey 3pm Hawaiian Eye 3pm Dawn Looks At Life
3.25 Newsbreak
3.30 The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis
4PM 4.05 Play School
4.30 Adventure Island
4pm Heckle And Jeckle
4.25 The Wotsaname Show
4.30 Mighty Mouse
4pm Cartoon Corner. Includes Wacky Races, Milton The Monster
4.55 Kooky
4pm Astroboy
4.30 The Flintstones
5PM 5pm Cartoons
5.05 Atom Ant
5.25 Why Is It So?
5.35 The Cisco Kid
5pm The Munsters
5.30 The Beverly Hillbillies
5pm National Velvet
5.30 The Patty Duke Show
5pm Lost In Space
6PM 6pm My Favourite Martian
6.25 Election Speech
6.30 GTK
6.40 Bellbird
6.55 This Week In Britain
6pm I Dream Of Jeannie
6.30 Seven National News. Roger Climpson
6pm McHale’s Navy
6.30 National Nine News. Brian Henderson
6pm News, Weather. Eric Walters
6.30 Gilligan’s Island
7PM  7pm ABC News, Weather
7.30 This Day Tonight. Bill Peach
7pm From A Bird’s Eye View
7.30 Homicide
7pm The Dick Van Dyke Show
7.30 Special: Cities At War — Leningrad
7pm Mayberry RFD
7.30 Showcase 70. Rod McLennan
8PM  8pm Australia A To Z. Noel Ferrier
8.28 ABC News, Weather
8.30 Election Speech
8.35 Chequerboard
8.30 Movie: The Carpetbaggers. 1964 [IMDB] 8.27 News Headlines
8.30 Division 4
8.30 Fight Night. Jim Shepherd, Phil Gibbs
9PM  9.20 Troubleshooters 9.30 Perry Mason
10PM  10.10 ABC News, Weather
10.15 Play: A Month In The Country
10.25 News Headlines
10.30 Movie: Carnival. 1946 [IMDB]
10pm Newsbreak
10.05 The Dave Allenby Late Show
11PM  11.30 Confrontation 11.05 Movie: Over The Wall. 1938 [IMDB]
12AM  12.20am Close 12am Close 12.15am Viewpoint
12.20 Close
12.20am Lifeline
12.25 Close