Sunday 17 July 1977 — BRISBANE

Source: TV Week, 16 July 1977

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9AM 9.25am Prologue
9.30 Anglican Forum
9.40am Hour Of Power
10AM 10am You Say The Word 10am Good News
10.30 Garner Ted Armstrong
10.40 Candid Comments
10.50 Variety Italian Style
11AM 11am Divine Service 11am This Is Oral Roberts And You
11.30 Sportscene
11am Cathedral Of Tomorrow 11.50 Point Of View
12PM 12pm The New Beginning
12.25 Toffsy
12.30 Rag Time
12.45 In Your Garden
12pm World Championship Wrestling 12pm Temperature’s Rising
1PM 1pm Four Corners (Rpt)
1.55 Australian Beautiful Gardens
1.50pm Movie: The Horse Soldiers. 1959 [IMDB] 1pm Movie: Francis Joins The WACS. 1954 [IMDB] 1pm The Porky Pig Show
1.30 Twelve O’Clock High
2PM 2.25 The Stallion 2.30 Movie: Hold That Ghost. 1941 [IMDB] 2.30 Movie: 300 Spartans. 1962 [IMDB]
3PM 3.15 The ADB Story
3.55 Banana Splits
4PM 4.40 Doctor Who 4pm This Week Has Seven Days 4.30 Happy Go Round 4pm Movie: Hurricane. 1974 [IMDB]
5PM 5.05 Countdown 5pm Rugby League Match Of The Day 5.30 Ask The Leylands
6PM 6pm The Big League
6.55 Weather
6pm Seven National News
6.30 The Wonderful World Of Disney
6pm National Nine News
6.25 City 77
6.30 Special: The Paul Hogan Show
6pm Eyewitness News
6.30 Young Talent Time
7PM  7pm ABC News. Includes Weekend Magazine
7.40 Robinson Crusoe
7.30 The Muppet Show 7.30 Movie: The Sound Of Music. 1965 [IMDB] 7.30 Bionic Woman
8PM  8pm This Is Your Life
8.30 Movie: Flight Into Holocaust. 1977 [IMDB]
8.30 Movie: A Fistful Of Dollars. 1967 [IMDB]
9PM  9.20 News, Weather
9.25 Six Faces
10PM  10.15 Music Makers
10.45 Close
10.15 Homicide 10.30 Profile
11PM  11.15 Religion
11.45 Close
11pm Hawaii Five O (B&W) 11pm Candid Comments
11.10 Close
12AM  12am Epilogue
12.05 Close