Wednesday 17 June 1959 — SYDNEY

ABC presents the first Australian television adaptations of Shakespeare, with Hamlet broadcast on ABN2, Sydney, and Antony And Cleopatra on ABV2, Melbourne, at the same time.

Hamlet is produced live from the ABN2 studios in Gore Hill, Sydney.

Source: TV Times, 13 June 1959

7AM 7.01am News, Weather
7.03 Cartoons
7.10 Ray Taylor
7.40 Crusader Rabbit
7.45 News, Weather
8AM 8.03 Ray Taylor
8.45 Autumn Affair
9AM 9am Music
10AM 10am Test Pattern, Music
10.30 Demonstration Film
10am Hi Fi Music
11AM 11am Test Pattern, Music 11.45 News, Weather
11.55 A Woman’s View. Carolyn Bernsten
12PM 12pm Movie: Tovarich. [IMDB] 12pm Movie: June Bride [IMDB]
1PM 1pm Close 1.30 Gas Cooking With Claire Davis 1.30 Lunch With Doreen
2PM 2pm Test Pattern, Music
2.30 For Schools: Australians At Work
2.50 Test Pattern, Music
2pm Your Home. Del Cartwright
2.30 Dr Christian
2pm The Lucky Show. George Foster
3PM 3pm Close 3pm Panorama
3.30 Melody WIth Milton
3pm Wednesday Matinee: Plugged Nickel [IMDB]
3.30 Home And Beauty. Elaine White
4PM 4pm Liberace
4.30 Ballet de France
4.45 Andy Pandy
4pm Boston Blackie
4.30 Captain Fortune Presents
4pm Racket Squad
4.30 Kieran’s Kaleidoscope
4.45 Art And The Kids
5PM 5pm Children’s TV Club 5pm Steve Donovan Western Marshal
5.25 Crusader Rabbit
5.30 Teen Time
5pm Rin Tin Tin
5.30 Desmond And The Channel 9-Pins
6PM 6pm The Lone Ranger
6.30 I Married Joan
6pm Superman
6.30 Blondie
6.56 News, Weather
6pm The Mickey Mouse Club
6.30 Huckleberry Hound
6.45 News, Weather
7PM  7pm ABC News
7.15 Newsreel, Weather
7.30 Wells Fargo
7pm Gray Ghost
7.30 M Squad
7pm Buffalo Bill Junior
7.30 Sheriff Of Cochise
8PM  8pm The Phil Silvers Show
8.30 Special: Hamlet. William Job, James Lynch, Graham Webb, Frank Taylor, Henry Gilbert, Charles McCallum, Owen Weingott, Georgie Sterling, John Fegan, James Elliott, Lou Vernon, Gordon Glenwright [IMDB]
8pm Wyatt Earp
8.30 Bold Venture
8pm The Thin Man
8.30 Movie: Not Wanted [IMDB]
9PM  9pm Movie: We Are Not Alone [IMDB]
10PM  10.40 News, Newsreel 10.30 Person To Person. Bob Sanders 10pm Big Town
10.30 Eric Baume’s Viewpoint
11PM  11.05 Close 11pm News, Weather
11.15 Cue For Music
11.40 Close
11pm Navy Log
11.30 Tomorrow’s Programs, Close