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Wednesday 17 March 1982 — DARWIN

See also: Wednesday 17 March 1982 — SOUTH AUSTRALIA

Source: Woman’s Day/TV Day, 16 March 1982

7AM 7.30am Sesame Street
8AM 8.30 Play School
9AM 9am For Schools
11AM 11.30 ABC News, Weather
11.41 Close
12PM 12pm The Mike Walsh Show
1PM 1.05pm For Schools 1.30 The Many Wives Of Patrick
2PM 2.30 Sesame Street 2pm Special
3PM 3.30 Play School 3pm The Bernard King Show
3.30 Ready Set Go
4PM 4pm Bunyip
4.05 Striker
4.30 Flash Gordon
4.55 Don And Pete
4pm Shirl’s Neighbourhood
4.30 Simon Townsend’s Wonder World
5PM 5pm Basil Brush
5.28 ABC News Headlines
5.30 Laff-A-Bits
5.35 The Kenny Everett Video Show
5pm Young Talent Time
6PM 6pm Doctor Who
6.25 Videodisc
6.30 ABC News
6pm Sale Of The Century
6.30 The Young Doctors
7PM  7pm Ark On The Move
7.25 Top Of The World
7.55 Nationwide
7pm 60 Minutes
8PM  8.25 Ireland — A Television History 8pm MASH
8.30 Mini-Series: Mr Horn. Part One [IMDB]
9PM  9.25 ABC News, Weather
9.35 Movie: The Bridge Of San Luis Rey. 1944 (B&W) [IMDB]
10PM  10.20 The Paper Chase
11PM  11.15 Close 11.20 Close

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