Tuesday 14 March 1972 — MELBOURNE

The Melbourne debut of groundbreaking soap opera Number 96. The series debuted in Sydney the night before, combining three half-hour episodes into one feature-length episode. The series then aired in Sydney each weeknight in half-hour episodes.

In Melbourne, Number 96 initially aired in blocks of two half-hour episodes twice a week. By the end of May, ATV0 adopted the stripped Monday-to-Friday format for the show, emulating the same schedule as Sydney.

Source: TV Week, 11 March 1972

abc_1965_bw 7logo_1970s_bw 9logo_1980s_bw atv0_1971_bw
6AM 6.55am Kooky
7AM 7am Today 7am The Super Flying Fun Show 7am Early Birds
8AM 8am Sesame Street 8.30 Here’s Humphrey 8.30 Kindy
9AM 9am Close
9.50 Play School
9am Romper Room 9.30 Playroom 9am Owly’s School
9.30 His And Hers
10AM 10.20 Close
10.50 For Schools: Geography, For The Juniors, The Met Set, Making A Musical
10am Movie: The Action Man. 1967 [IMDB] 10am Nature Walkabout
10.30 The Unloved
10am Yoga
10.15 The Roy Hampson Show
11AM 11am Divorce Court
11.30 The Andy Griffith Show
11am Movie: Quality Street. 1937 [IMDB]
12PM 12.35pm Close 12pm Moment Of Truth
12.25 Headline News
12.30 Movie: Hold Back The Night. 1956 [IMDB]
12pm Days Of Our Lives
12.25 News
12.30 Movie: Before I Wake. 1955 [IMDB]
12.30pm Tommy Hanlon’s Surprise!
1PM 1pm News
1.15 For Schools: Physical Science, Form Five Maths, For The Juniors, History 1917-1967
1pm Petticoat Junction
1.30 Queen Of The House
2PM 2pm Temptation 2pm General Hospital 2pm Movie: Remember The Night. 1940 [IMDB]
3PM 3.20 The Flowerpot Men
3.35 Play School
3pm Beauty And The Beast 3pm All About Faces. Tony Murphy
3.30 Spending Spree. Jimmy Hannan
3.30 The Three Stooges
4PM 4pm Adventure Island
4.30 Sesame Street
4pm Batman 4pm Cartoon Corner. Daryl Somers 4pm Wonderful World Of The Young
4.55 Storytime
5PM 5.25 Cartoons
5.45 Gulliver
5pm Get Smart
5.30 Mister Ed
5pm Jim Bowie
5.30 Rifleman
5pm Lost In Space
6PM 6.05 My Favourite Martian
6.30 GTK
6.40 Bellbird
6.55 This Week In Britain
6pm The Courtship Of Eddie’s Father
6.30 Seven National News
6pm The Dick Van Dyke Show
6.30 National Nine News. John Bailey
6pm 0 Melbourne News
6.30 Gilligan’s Island
7PM 7pm ABC News, Newsreel, Weather
7.30 This Day Tonight
7pm The Doris Day Show
7.30 Homicide
7pm A Current Affair
7.30 Coronation Street
7pm The Money Makers. Philip Brady
7.30 Musical Cashbox
8PM 8pm Six Dates With Barker
8.25 News In Brief
8.30 The Restless Earth
8.30 Catwalk 8.30 Dan August 8pm Mayberry RFD
8.30 Number 96 PREMIERE Pat McDonald, Ron Shand, Elaine Lee, Briony Behets, Joe Hasham, Abigail, James Elliott, Elisabeth Kirkby, Lynn Rainbow, Joe James, Johnny Lockwood, Vivienne Garrett, Martin Harris (see advertisement below)
9PM 9pm Budgie 9.30 Night Gallery 9.30 Dateline 72
10PM 10.30 ABC News, Weather
10.40 Play: Combination
10pm The Bob Rogers Show 10.30 National News. Peter Smith
10.40 Movie: How Green Was My Valley. 1941 [IMDB]
10.30 News
10.35 Movie: The Dance Of Death. 1960 [IMDB]
11PM 11.15 Close 11.15 Late News
11.25 Movie: Teckman Mystery. 1954 [IMDB]
12AM 12.40am Can You Top This 12.10am Close
1AM 1.05am Close 1.10 Epilogue
1.15 Close