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Saturday 13 April 1963 — MELBOURNE

Famous jazz musician Louis Armstrong performs a one-off show recorded at the studio of GTV9 as part of his Australian tour. Estimated to cost £7000, the BP Super Show special is reported to be the costliest one-hour of television produced to date in Australia.

Source: TV Times, 10 April 1963. The Age TV & Radio Guide, 11 April 1963.

10AM 10.30am Test Pattern, Music
1PM 1.30pm Sportsview
1.40 Athletics: The Stawell Gift. Live from Centennial Park, Stawell
1.30pm Test Pattern
2PM 2pm Meet Corliss Archer
2.30 Eddie Cantor Theatre
3PM 3.45pm For Better For Worse 3pm Rough Riders
3.30 Flight
4PM 4pm Trad Jazz. Graeme Bell
4.30 Woody Woodpecker
4pm Challenge
4.30 Bat Masterson
5PM 5.15 Sporting Round-Up
5.30 Cartoon Time
5pm Sing Sing Sing. Johnny O’Keefe 5pm Western Theatre
6PM 6pm The Bryan Davies Show
6.50 UPA Cartoon
6pm Peters Fun Fair
6.30 Football: 1962 VFL Grand Final. Essendon v Carlton. Highlights (Rpt)
6pm Top Cat
6.30 News, Newsreel. Bob Walters, Gordon Leed
7PM  7pm ABC News. Tom Horton
7.15 Sports Review. Dick Mason, Joe Brown
7.30 The Bob Cummings Show
7pm Football Inquest. Michael Williamson
7.30 Startime. John Laws
7pm International Showtime
8PM  8pm The Twilight Zone
8.30 Intertel: The Turkish Question
8.30 The Roaring Twenties 8pm BP Super Show: Louis Armstrong (see advertisement below)
9PM  9.30 Play: Emmanuel [IMDB] 9.30 Perry Mason 9pm 77 Sunset Strip
10PM  10.30 Movie: Scared To Death. 1947 [IMDB] 10pm Movie: State Of The Union [IMDB]
11PM  11pm Close 11.30 Late News Headlines
11.35 Close
12AM  12am Television City News. Bob Walters
12.20 Epilogue
12.30 Close

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