Saturday 13 February 1982 — SYDNEY

Channel 0/28’s afternoon schedule is replaced by a test broadcast by community access television operator Open Channel. 0/28 would host several such test broadcasts over the following years in the lead up to regular trials and licencing of community television stations.

Source: TV Week, 13 February 1982

  ABN2 ATN7 TCN9 TEN10 SBS0/28 
abc_1975_bw 7logo_1980s_bw 9logo_1980s_bw ten_1975_bw sbs_1980_bw
6AM 6am Thunderbirds
7AM 7am The Road Runner Show
7.20 The Addams Family
7.45 The Thing
7am Huckleberry Hound
7.30 The Go Show
7am Cartoon: Daffy Duck’s Thanks For Giving
7.30 Batman With Robin
8AM 8.10 Family Classics 8am Hey Hey It’s Saturday 8am New Adventures Of Superman
8.30 Baggypants And The Nitwits
9AM 9am Sounds 9am Plastic Man
9.20 Aquaman
9.45 Ant And Aardvark
10AM 10.05 Mister Jaw
10.30 Around The World
11AM 11am Reg Lindsay’s Country Homestead 11am John’s Workshop
11.30 The Magic Wok
12PM 12.58pm Sportsview 12pm Movie: The Aquarians. 1970 [IMDB] 12pm Games People Play 12pm The New Dick Van Dyke Show
12.30 Green Acres
12pm Community Television Test Transmission operated by Open Channel: 12pm Opening, 12.03 Blind Man’s Bluff (animation), 12.08 The Wedding (drama), 12.32 Simply Chinese (cooking), 12.59 Rapid Eye Movement (animation), 1.13 Filmwork (documentary), 1.57 Aboriginal Education In Victoria (documentary), 2.18 Ready And Able (documentary), 2.53 Borrowed Time (documentary), 3.11 Up And Running (documentary), 3.32 Pauses (documentary), 4.08 Close
1PM 1pm Soccer: Road To Wembley 1982 1pm Wide World Of Sports 1pm Let’s Go Greek — Endaxi
2PM 2pm Golf: Victorian Open Championship 2pm Movie: The Canterville Ghost (B&W) 1944 [IMDB] 2pm Movie: Two Guys From Texas. 1948 [IMDB]
3PM 3.45 Movie: A Boy Ten Feet Tall. 1965 [IMDB]
4PM 4pm Special: It Ain’t Easy Being A Teenage Millionaire 4.20pm Follow Me
5PM 5.30 Wild Australia 5pm Great Mysteries Of The World 5pm Candid Camera 5pm Sports Magazine
6PM 6pm Countdown Summer: Studio 31
6.55 Weather
6pm Seven National News
6.30 The World Around Us
6pm National Nine News
6.30 Happy Days
6pm Eyewitness News
6.30 Grizzly Adams
6pm Movie: Hang On Doggy (Yugoslavia) 1976 [IMDB]
7PM  7pm ABC News
7.30 Good Old Days
7.30 Movie: Northwest Passage. 1940 [IMDB] 7pm Diff’rent Strokes
7.30 Charlie’s Angels
7.30 Parkinson 7.30 World News
8PM  8.20 Great Railway Journeys Of The World 8.30 Hill Street Blues 8.30 Movie: They Died With Their Boots On (B&W) 1941 [IMDB] 8pm Cervantes (Spain)
8.55 Movie: Plutonium (Germany) [IMDB]
9PM  9.20 News, Weather
9.30 Rush
9.30 Starsky And Hutch
10PM  10.20 Blake’s Seven 10pm Australian Diving Championships 10.30 Movie: Something Big. 1971 [IMDB] 10.25 Movie: Emmanuelle In Trouble (France) 1977
11PM  11.10 Close 11pm Movie: The She Freak. 1967 [IMDB] 11.15 Movie: Sudan. 1945 [IMDB]
12AM  12.35am Close 12.30am Movie: Stunts Unlimited. 1980 [IMDB] 12.45am Close 12.05am Close
1AM  1.55 Movie: The Truth About Spring. 1965 [IMDB]
3AM  3.45 Movie: The Loves Of Joanna Godden. 1947 [IMDB]
5AM  5.10 The Seaway
(Continues to 6am)