Wednesday 11 June 1975 — BRISBANE

Source: TV Week, 14 June 1975

9logo_1980s_bw atv0_1974_bw
8AM 8am Sesame Street
9AM 9am Play School (B&W)
9.30 For Schools: New Horizons (B&W)
10AM 10.20 For Schools: People Of Many Lands (B&W) 10am Here’s Humphrey 10.50am A Crook Affair
11AM 11am For Schools: Papua New Guinea (B&W)
11.30 For Schools: Art Of The Film (B&W)
11.30am The Dudley Dog Show. Ric Marshall, Franci Chamings 11am As The World Turns
11.30 No Man’s Land
12PM 12.05pm For Schools: Thinkabout/Talkabout (B&W)
12.30 This Day Tonight
12pm Movie: Jeanne Eagels. 1957 (B&W) [IMDB] 12pm Movie: Man And Boy [IMDB] 12pm The Mike Walsh Show
1PM 1pm ABC News
1.10 Close
1.30 For Schools: Watch (B&W)
1.30 General Hospital 1.30 Pot Of Gold
2PM 2pm For Schools: Behind The News (B&W)
2.35 For Schools: Music Time (B&W)
2pm Until Tomorrow
2.30 Name That Tune
2.30 The Young And The Restless 2.30 Matlock Police
3PM 3pm Close
3.15 Flowerpot Men (B&W)
3.30 Play School (B&W)
3pm Return To Peyton Place
3.30 Simon’s Scene
3pm Days Of Our Lives
3.50 Jacki And All That Jazz. Jacki MacDonald
3.30 My Three Sons
4PM 4pm Sesame Street 4pm The Partridge Family
4.45 The Monkees
4.05 The Godfathers
4.30 Daktari
4pm Lassie’s Rescue Rangers
4.30 Gilligan’s Island
5PM 5pm Adventure Island (B&W)
5.25 The Wombles
5.35 The Forest Rangers
5.30 The Flintstones 5.30 The Lucy Show 5pm Thunderbirds
6PM 6pm Target
6.30 GTK
6.40 Bellbird
6pm Eyewitness News. Brian Cahill, Mike Higgins, Carolyn Craitem
6.30 Bewitched (B&W)
6pm National Nine News. Don Seccombe, Paul Griffin, Jacki MacDonald
6.30 A Current Affair
6pm The Brady Bunch
6.30 News Watch. Neville Roberts
7PM  7pm ABC News
7.30 This Day Tonight
7pm Hazel
7.30 Special: Ann Margret Olsson
7pm Gomer Pyle USMC
7.30 News Update
7.33 Little House On The Prarie
7pm Casino 10
7.30 Matlock Police
8PM  8pm Certain Women
8.50 Bless This House
8.30 Doctor In Charge 8.33 The Odd Couple 8.30 Number 96
9PM  9.15 Take Kerr
9.20 ABC News, Weather
9.25 The Fourth Hero
9pm Policewoman 9.03 Hawaii Five O 9pm Rugby: 1975 Cup Series. Parramatta vs Bankstown
10PM  10.10 Rugby League: International Cup, England vs Wales 10pm Movie: The Tramplers. 1966 [IMDB] 10.03 Close Up. Don Seccombe
11PM  11.10 Landscape With Figures
11.40 Tales From The Lazy Acre
11.45 Close 11.03 Wyatt Earp
11.33 Epilogue
11.38 Close
11.30 Close
12AM  12.10am Close