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Tuesday 11 January 2011 – MELBOURNE

Network Ten launches its secondary channel, Eleven, promising an entertainment-based line-up of both retro hits and new series aimed at a young adult audience.

Source: TV Week, 8 January 2011 (Except C31 and ABC News 24, Source: The Age Green Guide, 6 January 2011)

6AM 6am ABC Kids: Children’s Programs 6am Sunrise (5.30am) Today 6am Ten Early News 6am Worldwatch. Includes 8.05 Filipino, 8.40 Spanish, 9.30 Greek, 10.20 French, 11am Hindi, 11.30 Arabic, 12pm Russian, 12.30 Turkish 6am That’s Fishing
6.30 Your 4×4
7AM 7am Toasted TV 7am Euromaxx
7.30 1700
8AM 8am Totally Wild
8.30 Puzzle Play
8.30 Move It Or Lose It
9AM 9am Toybox
9.30 Go Go Stop
9am Kerri-Anne Summer Series 9am Ten News 9am Slow TV
10AM 10am Hannah Montana
10.30 Seven News
10am ‘Til Death
10.30 Lab Rats Challenge
10am The Circle: Summertime 10am Movie: Madigan’s Millions. 1968 [IMDB]
11AM 11.05 Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab
11.30 Naturally, Sadie
11am Tennis: Medibank International. From Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre 11am Nine News
12PM 12pm Midday Report
12.30 Time Team
12pm The Ellen DeGeneres Show 12pm Dr Phil 12pm The Journal
12.30 In Focus
1PM 1.20 Paul Merton In China 1pm The View 1pm Oprah Winfrey 1pm Movie: The Fantastic Planet. 1973 (France) [IMDB] 1pm The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet
1.30 The Ginger Chef
2PM 2.10 The Bill 2pm Days Of Our Lives 2pm Ready Steady Cook 2.20 Spacefiles
2.30 Here Comes The Neighbourhood
2pm Regional Italian Cuisine
2.30 Good Enough To Eat
3PM 3.05 Play School
3.35 Angelina Ballerina
3.45 Fluffy Gardens
3pm Entertainment Tonight
3.30 Magical Tales
3pm Judge Judy
3.30 Two Guys And A Girl
3pm Classical Destinations
3.30 Letters And Numbers
3pm City Life
3.30 Cooking With Cam
4PM 4pm George Of The Jungle
4.10 Classic Tales
4.15 Pink Panther And Pals
4.40 Eliot Kid
4pm The Shak
4.30 Nine News
4pm Good Chef Bad Chef
4.30 The Bold And The Beautiful
4pm The Journal
4.30 Newshour (PBS)
4pm Kids In The Kitchen
4.30 Nu Country TV
5PM 5pm Zoey 101
5.30 Lizzie McGuire
5.55 Aisling’s Diary
5pm Seven News At 5
5.30 Deal Or No Deal
5.30 Hot Seat 5pm Ten News 5.30 Dakar Rally: Day 10. Highlights 5pm 1700
6PM 6pm My Family
6.30 Shamwari: A Wild Life
6pm Seven News
6.30 Today Tonight
6pm Nine News
6.30 A Current Affair
6pm The Simpsons
6.30 Jamie’s Thirty-Minute Meals
6pm Letters And Numbers
6.30 World News Australia
6pm Sri Lanka Today
6.30 Melbourne Musos
7PM  7pm ABC News
7.30 The 7.30 Report
7pm How I Met Your Mother
7.30 Minute To Win It USA
7pm Australia’s Funniest Home Videos: Daily Edition
7.30 The Big Bang Theory
7pm The 7PM Project. Charlie Pickering, Carrie Bickmore, Dave Hughes
7.30 Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation
7.30 Do I Drink Too Much? 7pm The Futbol Town Show
7.30 Extra Time
8PM  8pm Poh’s Kitchen
8.30 Rick Stein’s Taste Of The Italian Opera
8.30 I Shouldn’t Be Alive 8pm Top Gear 8.30 NCIS Los Angeles 8.30 Outback Fight Club 8pm Your 4×4
8.30 Gasolene
9PM  9.35 Bombora The Story Of Australian Surfing 9.30 Most Shocking Top 20 9.30 20 To 01. Bert Newton 9.30 Lie To Me 9.30 World News Australia 9pm Restos
9.30 In Pit Lane
10PM  10.30 ABC News Update
10.45 To The Manor Bowen
10.30 Scrubs 10.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares 10.30 Outrageous Fortune 10.05 The Late Session 10pm KO Boxing
10.30 Blokesworld
11PM  11.30 Interview With A Poltergeist 11am That ’70s Show
11.30 Parks And Recreation
11.30 The Bill Engvall Show 11.30 Ten News 11.05 Hot Docs 11pm Asylum
11.30 Guitar Gods
12AM  12.20am The Chaser’s War On Everything
12.50 Movie: The Roly Poly Man. 1994 [IMDB]
12am Mercy 12am 20/20 12.15am The Late Show With David Letterman 12.05am Movie: Time. 2006 (Japan/South Korea) [IMDB] 12am The Tonight Show
12.30 Anthology
1AM  1am Home Shopping 1am Entertainment Tonight
1.30 Danoz Direct
1am Home Shopping 1.55 Weatherwatch, Music 1am Morningshines
1.30 Champagne Comedy
2AM  2.25 Movie: The Bliss Of Mrs Blossom. 1968 [IMDB] 2am Guthy-Renker Australia 2am The Comic Box
2.30 Noise TV
3AM  3am Danoz Direct
3.30 Good Morning America
3.30 This Is Your Day With Benny Hinn
4AM  4am Talking Heads
4.30 Shortland Street
4am Today (NBC) 4am Life Today With James Robeson
4.30 The CBS Early Show
(Continues to 6am)
4am 1700
5AM  5am Something In The Air
5.30 The Einstein Factor
(Continues to 6am)
5am Sunrise Extra
5.30 Early News
(Continues to 6am)
5am Early Morning News
5.30 Today
(Continues to 9am)
5.05 Worldwatch: 5.05 Korean, 5.40 Japanese
(Continues to 6am)
5am Sri Lanka Today
5.30 Golf Zone
(Continues to 6am)
6am ABC News Breakfast
9am ABC Kids: Children’s Programs
1.20pm Peppa Pig
1.25 Lazy Lucy
1.30 Zigby
1.45 Octonauts
1.55 Fun With Claude
2.05 Nelly And Caesar
2.15 Hana’s Helpline
2.35 Igam Ogam
2.45 Pororo The Little Penguin
2.50 Hilltop Hospital
3pm Little Amadeus
3.30 Grandpa In My Pocket
3.40 The Mr Men Show
3.50 Callou
4pm Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps
4.15 Chuggington
4.25 Blanche
4.30 Play School
5pm Thomas And Friends
5.10 Octonauts
5.20 Grandpa In My Pocket
5.35 Dirtgirlworld
5.45 Peppa Pig
5.50 Timmy Time
6pm Wibbly Pig
6.15 Humf
6.20 Five Minutes More
6.30 In The Night Garden
7.15 The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
7.35 Important Things With Demetri Martin
8pm The Goodies
8.30 Jack Osborne: No Limits
9.30 Whitest Kids U’Know
10pm Glastonbury
11pm Hyperdrive
11.30 The Kevin Bishop Show
11.50 Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure
12.20am London Live
12.50 The People Watchers
1.35 Close
5.30 Talking Heads
(Continues to 6am)
6am ABC Kids: Children’s Programs
7.10 CJ The DJ
7.20 Gawayn
7.40 League Of Super Evil
8.05 MI High
8.30 Sparkle Friends
8.35 Sea Princesses
8.50 Erky Perky
9.05 Kit Vs Kat
9.15 Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist
9.40 Good Game SP
10am Michaela’s Wild Challenge
10.30 Prank Patrol
1.10pm Bernard
1,20 Yakkity Yak
1.35 Gawayn
1.50 League Of Super Evil
2.15 MI High
2.40 Dani’s House
3.10 Blue Water High
3.35 Ocean Girl
4.05 The Worst Witch
4.30 Bugged
4.40 The Super Hero Squad Show
5pm CJ The DJ
5.20 Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids
5.35 League Of Super Evil
6pm Total Drama World Tour
6.25 Prank Patrol International
6.55 Good Game SP
7.10 What Do You Know?
7.40 MI High
8.10 Jeopardy
8.35 Degrassi The Next Generation
9pm Close
6am The Book Place
6.30 Handy Manny
7am The Wind in The Willows
7.30 The Martha Stewart Show
8.30 Sons And Daughters
9am Home And Away: The Early Years
9.30 Shortland Street
10am Coronation Street
10.30 Emmerdale
11am Hollyoaks
12pm All My Children
1pm The Best Of The Morning Show
2pm Full House
2.30 Movie: Cancel My Reservation. 1972 [IMDB]
4.30 Murphy Brown
5pm Head Of The Class
5.30 Growing Pains
6pm A House In
6.30 Bargain Hunt
7pm Men Behaving Badly
7.30 Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em
8.10 Are You Being Served?
8.50 To The Manor Born
9.30 Porridge
10.10 Movie: Hanover Street. 1979 [IMDB]
12.20am The Palace
1.20 Big J’s Place
1.50 Tennis: Australian Open. Women’s Final 2004 (Rpt)
4am Leyland Brothers’ World
5am Home Shopping
(Continues to 6am)
6am Chowder
6.30 Tamagotchi!
7am Camp Lazlo
7.30 Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight
8am Ben 10
8.30 The Flintstones
9am Pinky, Elmyra And The Brain
9.30 I Dream Of Jeannie
10am Bewitched
10.30 Entertainment Tonight
11am TMZ
11.30 Get Smart
12pm Here’s Lucy
12.30 Seinfeld
1pm The Hills
2pm Wipeout Australia
3pm Just Shoot Me
3.30 Pinky, Elmyra And The Brain
4pm Ben 10
4.30 Here’s Lucy
5pm I Dream Of Jeannie
5.30 Bewitched
6pm The Flintstones
6.30 Wipeout Australia
7pm Movie: Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone. 2001 [IMDB]
10.30 Movie: The Covenant. 2006 [IMDB]
12.30am Seinfeld
1am Wipeout Australia
2am Home Shopping
4am Just Shoot Me
4.30 TMZ
5am Get Smart
5.30 The Flintstones
(Continues to 6am)
11am The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson
12pm Diagnosis Murder
1pm JAG
2pm MacGyver
3pm Cheers
3.30 Roseanne
3.55 Couch Time
4pm Sabrina The Teenage Witch
4.30 Mork And Mindy
4.55 Couch Time
5pm Happy Days
5.30 The Brady Bunch
5.55 Couch Time
6pm Family Ties
6.25 Couch Time
6.30 Neighbours
7pm Everybody Loves Raymond
7.30 The Simpsons
8pm Futurama
8.30 The Office
9.30 Nurse Jackie
10pm Californication
10.30 The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (Rpt)
11.30 The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson
12.30am Cheers
1am Roseanne
1.30 Sabrina The Teenage Witch
2am Mork And Mindy
2.30 Happy Days
3am Diagnosis Murder
4am JAG
5am MacGyver
(Continues to 6am)
6am Worldwatch: 6am French, 6.40 Indonesian, 7.05 Russian, 7.35 Polish, 8.05 Dutch, 8.30 Macedonian, 9.05 Croatian, 9.40 Serbian, 10.10 Korean, 10.45 Japanese, 11.20 Hong Kong, 11.40 Chinese, 12.10pm Portugese, 12.40 Italian, 1.10 German, 1.40 Spanish, 2.30 Filipino, 3.05 Greek, 4pm Polish, 4.25 Turkish, 4.55 Arabic, 5.30 Hindi
6pm Collection Artistes
6.30 Come Dine With Me (Greece)
7.30 Lost Worlds
8.30 As It Happened
9.30 Movie: The Overture. 2004 (Thailand) [IMDB]
11.20 Movie: La Petite Chartreuse. 2005 (France) [IMDB]
1am Weatherwatch, Music
(Continues to 6am)
6am ABC News Breakfast
9am ABC News
12pm Midday Report
12.30 Australian Story Classics
1pm ABC News
2pm Midday Report
2.30 7.30 Select
3pm Afternoon Live
5.30 Stateline Select
6pm The Drum
6.45 The Quarters
7pm ABC News
7.30 The 7.30 Report
8pm ABC News
8.30 Dispatches 2010
9pm The World
10pm The Drum
10.45 The Quarters
11pm ABC News
11.30 The 7.30 Report
12am Big Ideas
1am BBC News
1.30 Australia Network News
2am BBC World News
2.30 Australia Network News
3am Big Ideas
4am ABC News
4.05 The Quarters
4.20 The Drum
5am ABC News
5.15 The Quarters
5.30 The 7.30 Report
(Continues to 6am)
6am Wagon Train
7am The Virginian
8.30 McHale’s Navy (B&W)
9am Today (NBC)
11am Beach Patrol
12pm Quincy ME
1pm Airwolf
2pm Magnum PI
3pm The Rockford Files
4pm Baywatch
5pm According To Jim
5.30 Monster Garage
6.30 The Drew Carey Show
7pm That ’70s Show
7.30 How I Met Your Mother
8pm Scrubs
8.30 Family Guy
9pm American Dad!
9.30 My Name Is Earl
10.30 Punk’d
11.30 Nitro Circus
12am Quincy ME
1am Airwolf
2am Magnum PI
3am The Rockford Files
4am Baywatch
5am McHale’s Navy (B&W)
5.30 Deal Or No Deal
(Continues to 6am)
5.30am Today
9am Alive And Cooking
9.30 The Zoo
10am The Nanny
10.30 Friends
11am Murder She Wrote
12pm Movie: A Place Called Home. 2004 [IMDB]
2pm Wife Swap
3pm McLeod’s Daughters
4pm Getaway Summer Series
5pm The Ellen DeGeneres Show
6pm The Nanny
6.30 Friends
7pm The Zoo
7.30 The Secret Millionaire
8.30 Law & Order
9.30 The Closer
10.30 The Big C
11pm Weeds
11.30 Friends
12am Law & Order
1am The Closer
2am Home Shopping
4.30 Enjoying Everyday Life With Joyce Meyer
5am Adventures In Rainbow Country
5.30 Today
(Continues to 9am)
6am Football: Serie A. Matchday 19. AC Milan v Udinese (Rpt)
8am Football: FA Cup Classics
8.30 World Football News
9.30 Spirit Of Yachting
10am America’s Game
11am Basketball: NBL. Round 13 (Rpt)
1pm Equitana
3pm Omnisport
3.30 Tennis: ATP Champions Tour (Rpt)
4pm Sports Unlimited
5pm Pro Bull Riding
6pm Golf Central
6.30 Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventures
7.30 Andrew Bogut Presents NBA Primetime
9.30 Sports Tonight. Brad McEwan
10pm Liverpool TV
1am Sports Tonight Late. Brad McEwan
1.15 Omnisport
1,45 NFL Total Access
2.45 Gridiron: NFL Playoffs. Wildcard Weekend. Game One (Rpt)
5.15 Omnisport
5.30 Golf Central
(Continues to 6am)
(Simulcast of SBS One)

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