Saturday 10 February 1973 — MELBOURNE

The Seven Network telecasts the opening of Hobart’s Wrest Point casino — the first casino in Australia. The telecast is hosted by Seven Network personalities Bob Rogers and Tony Barber and includes a performance by Jerry Lewis.

Source: TV Times, 10 February 1973

7AM 7am Playroom
7.30 Humphrey B Bear’s Curiosity Show
8AM 8.30am Cartoons 8.30 Hey Hey It’s Saturday 8am The Saturday Show
9AM 9am Movie: The Time Of Their Lives. 1946 [IMDB]
10AM 10.20 Death Valley Showdown
10.50 Movie: Ghost Catchers. 1944 [IMDB]
11AM 11.30 Speedway
12PM 12.15pm Movie: Old Mother Riley Meets The Vampire. 1946 [IMDB] 12.30pm World Wrestling Championship 12pm Movie: Into The Straight. 1949 [IMDB]
1PM 1pm Sportsview
1.05 English Soccer
1.30 Movie: Hold That Ghost. 1941 [IMDB] 1.30 Movie: Fort Dobbs. 1958 [IMDB] 1.25 Movie: Stallion Road. 1947 [IMDB]
2PM 2pm Golf: Victorian Open Championship. Live from Yarra Yarra Golf Course, Melbourne
3PM 3pm Movie: Ghost Of Dragstrip Hollow. 1959 [IMDB] 3pm Daktari 3pm Movie: Sombrero. 1953 [IMDB]
4PM 4.15 Movie: Zombies On Broadway. 1945 [IMDB] 4pm Tales Of Wells Fargo
4.30 Safari To Adventure
4.30 Stars Of The Future. Caroline Noble
5PM 5.30 Hammy Hamster
5.45 Wind In The Willows
5.30 Jeopardy. Mal Walden 5pm Primus
5.30 Green Acres
5pm Junior Jury. Noel O’Connor
5.30 Eyewitness News. Wayne Tregaskis
6PM 6pm Timeslip
6.25 Whacko!
6.55 Weather
6pm Seven National News
6.30 Movie: Easy Come Easy Go. 1967 [IMDB]
6pm National Nine News. Peter Smith
6.30 Lidsville
6pm Junior Money Makers. Philip Brady
6.30 Young Talent Time
7PM  7pm ABC News
7.30 The FBI
7pm Follyfoot
7.30 All In The Family
7.30 Movie: Carry On Screaming. 1964 [IMDB]
8PM  8.20 Special: The Sorrow And The Pity. Part Two 8.10 Penthouse Club. Michael Williamson, Mary Hardy, Bill Collins. Includes trotting from the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds
8.30 Special: Wrest Point Casino Opening. Bob Rogers, Tony Barber
8pm The Odd Couple
8.30 Movie: The Miniver Story. 1950 [IMDB]
9PM  9.25 Movie: The Wake Of The Red Witch. 1948 [IMDB]
10PM  10.30 Play: The Impression
10.50 Swimming: Australian Championships. Highlights from North Adelaide Swimming Centre
10.30 Penthouse Club (cont’d) 10.25 The Carol Burnett Show
11PM  11.20 Close 11.15 News, Weather
11.25 Movie: The Flame Barrier. 1958 [IMDB]
11.25 News
11.30 Movie: Bulldog Drummond’s Escape. 1937 [IMDB]
11.25 Sports Round-Up
11.35 Rowan And Martin’s Laugh-In
12AM  12.40am Close 12.45am Movie: First Taste Of Love. 1965 [IMDB] 12.35am Weather; Close
2AM  2.20 Epilogue
2.25 Close