Friday 9 January 1959 – MELBOURNE

GTV9 and Sydney’s ATN7 make history when they present the first TV transmission between the two cities. ‘Operation Kangaroo’ had been in planning by GTV9 and ATN7 engineers for over a year. The original plan was to have the Third Test broadcast direct from Sydney to Melbourne but a last minute hitch — an ATN7 truck hopelessly bogged in the Snowy River district on the eve of the first day’s play — delayed the opening of the Sydney-Melbourne link until the Friday evening, when Graham Kennedy on In Melbourne Tonight announced ‘Come in Sydney’ and Melbourne viewers were then greeted by ATN7’s special events director, Brian Wright. GTV9 then promised to begin its coverage of the Third Test from Sydney from the second day’s play on Saturday.

TV At 60: Operation Kangaroo [2019]

Source: The Age, 8 January 1959, 9 January 1959, 10 January 1959

12PM 12.30pm Demonstration Film
1PM 1pm Close
3PM 3.30 Life Of Riley 3.30pm The Whizzer
4PM 4pm Kindergarten Playtime
4.15 Close
4pm Green Fingers
4.15 Movie Guide. Jean Battersby
5PM 5pm Children’s TV Club
5.45 Life With Elizabeth
5pm The Last Frontier
5.15 Young Seven
5.15pm The Happy Show. Happy Hammond, Ron Blaskett, Gerry Gee, Margot Sheridan
6PM 6.15 Liberace
6.42 Weather
6.45 ABC News, Newsreel
6pm The Mickey Mouse Club
6.53 News, Weather
6pm Noddy
6.15 Peter’s Club
6.45 News. Includes Professor Browne’s Study
7PM 7pm The Donna Reed Show
7.30 Damon Runyon Theatre
7pm Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon
7.30 Whirlybirds
7pm Kit Carson
7.30 26 Men
8PM 8pm Cafe Continental
8.30 O Henry Playhouse
8pm Oh! Susanna
8.30 Have Gun Will Travel
8pm Silent Service
8.30 Star Theatre
9PM 9pm Eye On Research
9.30 Movie: Come Closer Folks. 1936 [IMDB]
9pm Conflict 9pm Alfred Hitchcock Presents
9.30 In Melbourne Tonight. Graham Kennedy
10PM 10.30 Test Cricket: Highlights 10pm Sunnyside Up
11PM 11pm Close 11pm Test Cricket: Highlights
11.15 Movie: Gangs Of New York. 1938 [IMDB]
11pm News. Includes Test Cricket Highlights
11.15 Epilogue
11.20 Movie: The Man In The Road. 1956 [IMDB]
12AM 12.35am Close 12.45am Close