Saturday 8 December 1962 — SYDNEY

Source: TV Week, 8 December 1962

9AM 9.30am Brian Howard’s Sports View
10AM 10am Test Pattern, Music 10am Focus On Sport
11AM 11.30 Open House
12PM 12.15pm Close 12.25pm Almanac
12.30 Wrestling Down Under
12pm Ampol Junior Car Club
12.30 Play Your Hunch
1PM 1.30 Sportsview 1pm Kingdom Of The Sea
1.30 Eddie Cantor Comedy Theatre
1pm Wheel Of Fortune. Desmond Tester
1.30 Opportunity Knocks
2PM 2pm Town Of Make Believe 2pm Movie: Ever Since Venus. 1944 [IMDB]
3PM 3.30 Wrestling From Great Britain
4PM 4.45 Sheena Queen Of The Jungle 4.30 Handy Andy And Joe The Gadget Man
5PM 5.30 Cartoon Time. Includes The Alvin Show, QT Hush 5.15 Movie: Frontier Investigator. 1949 [IMDB] 5pm Bandstand. Brian Henderson
6PM 6pm The Bryan Davies Show 6.15 News, Weather
6.30 International Showtime
6pm Tic Tac Dough. Chuck Faulkner
6.30 News, Sporting Results
7PM  7pm ABC News, Weather
7.18 Sports Review
7.30 Sir Frances Drake
7.55 This Week In Britain
7.30 Startime (see advertisement below) 7pm National Velvet
7.30 Outlaws
8PM  8pm Twilight Zone
8.30 Four Corners. Michael Charlton
8.30 Movie: Tall Man Riding [IMDB] 8.30 The Dick Powell Show
9PM  9.15 Play: Demi Paradise 9.30 Movie: Those Redheads From Seattle. 1953 [IMDB]
10PM  10.15 Trad Jazz
10.45 This Man Dawson
11PM  11pm Close 11.15 Two Faces West
11.45 New York Confidential
11pm Straightaway
11.30 All Star Theatre
12AM  12.15am Reflections
12.20 Close
12am Close