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Saturday 6 September 1997 — MELBOURNE

ABC and commercial television override scheduled prime time programming to broadcast the funeral of Diana Princess Of Wales live from London.

Due to the uncertainty over the finishing time for the service a number of late night programs were not confirmed at time of publication

ABC also schedules the broadcast of Her Majesty The Queen’s Message but similarly is unable to confirm exact broadcast times at the time of publication

Source: Herald Sun, 6 September 1997

  ABV2 HSV7 GTV9 ATV10 SBS28 31
abc_1975_bw 7logo_1990s_bw 9logo_1980s_bw ten_1991_bw sbs_1993_bw
6AM Rage (cont’d) 6am Cross Country
6.30 Sunrise News Special Edition
Tennis: US Open (cont’d) 6am Basketball: Australian Under 18 Championship 6am Worldwatch: 6am Japanese News, 6.30 Weatherwatch 7am Telegiornale, 7.35 Cantonese News, 8.30 Das Journal, 9am Le Journal, 9.40 Vremya, 10.15 Telediario, 11am Indonesian News, 11.30 The Journal, 12pm Business Report
7AM 7am Her Majesty The Queen’s Message.
Followed by:
Rage (cont’d)
7am Saturday Disney 7am Owl TV
7.30 Mission Top Secret
8AM 8am Today On Saturday 8am Totally Wild
8.30 Mirror Mirror
9AM 9am Her Majesty The Queen’s Message (Rpt)
Followed by:
9am Clowning Around
9.30 The Adventures Of The Bush Patrol
9am Hot Science
9.30 Plucka’s Place
9am Video Hits
10AM 10am Huckleberry Hound
10.30 Saved By The Bell: The New Class
10.30 Wishbone
11AM 11am Sweet Valley High
11.30 The Mask
11am Lawn Bowls: Mazda Jack High Tournament 11am Air Time
12PM 12pm Stateline (Rpt)
12.30 Snooker: West Australian SGIO Open Championship
12pm Movie: How I Spent My Summer. 1992 [IMDB] 12pm The Wackiest Ship In The Army 12pm Bright Ideas The Home Improvement Show 12.30pm Movie: Sparkling Fox. 1993 (China) [IMDB] 12.30pm Zontas 100%
1PM 1pm Soccer: English Premier League 1pm Wide World Of Sports 1.30 The Silver Brumby 1pm Tamil TV
2PM 2pm Football: VFL. Second Semi-Final. Frankston v Sandringham 2pm Movie: The Prince Who Was A Thief. 1951 [IMDB] 2pm Road To Avonlea 2.10 Guatemalan Children Of The Dump (Guatemala) 2pm Vietnamese Program
2.30 Melbourne Musos
3PM 3.30 Dolphin Cove 3pm Sprite Snowboard Session 3.05 Great Arias
3.30 Curtis Mayfield: Darker Than Blue
3pm Musical Portraits
4PM 4pm Special: The Making Of Hercules
4.30 Rex Hunt Fishing Adventures
4.30 Burke’s Backyard (Rpt) 4pm Motor Sport: Indycar. From Vancouver, Canada 4.30 Nuclear Fallout Part 1 4pm Turkish Music Box
4.30 China Central TV Actors Show
5PM 5pm ABC News
5.30 Royal Funeral Service For Princess Diana. Live from London



Followed by:
Movie: Europa Europa. 1991 [IMDB]
Order In The House
(Continues to 7am)

5pm Football: AFL. Second Qualifying Final. Western Bulldogs v Sydney. Highlights 5.30 National Nine News 5pm Ten News
5.30 Royal Funeral For Princess Diana. Live from London (see advertisement below)
5.15 Hotline
5.30 World Soccer
5.30 Love From Cyprus
6PM 6pm Seven Nightly News
6.30 Farewell To A Princess: Funeral Service For Princess Diana. Live from London
6pm Diana — Farewell English Rose. Funeral Service For Princess Diana. Live from London (see advertisement below) 6.30 World News. Lee Lin Chin 6.30 Saturday Night Harness Racing
7PM  7pm A Taste Of Caribbean
7.30 Dateline
8PM  8.30 Special: Silent Sentinels, Coward’s War
9PM  9.30 The Maxx
10PM  (Due to the uncertain finishing time of the service late night programs may be changed)
10pm Peak Practice
10pm The World Of Hammer
10.30 Movie: Keoma. 1976 (Italy) [IMDB]
11PM  11.15 Ten News
11.45 Sports Tonight
11.15 Close
12AM  12am Football: AFL. Western Bulldogs v Sydney. Delayed telecast from MCG 12.15am Basketball: NBL Mitsubishi Challenge 12.10am Movie: City On Fire. 1987 (Hong Kong) [IMDB]
1AM  1am Tennis: US Open
(Continues to 8am)
1.55 Close
2AM  2.20 Bluey 2.15 Telemall Shopping
3AM  3.10 Funniest People
3.35 Movie: The Hawaiians. 1970 [IMDB]
(Continues to 6am)
3.45 Aboriginal Australia
4AM  4pm Hillsongs Australia Presents
4.30 Key Of David
5AM  5am Hour Of Power
(Continues to 6am)
5am Weatherwatch, Music
(Continues to 6am)


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