Monday 6 July 1992 — MELBOURNE

Source: The Age Green Guide, 2 July 1992.

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6AM 6am Good Morning Miss Bliss
6.30 Agro’s Cartoon Connection
6am Sanford And Son
6.30 ITN World News
6.55 Business Today
6am Ten Eyewitness News. Ron Wilson
6.30 Good Morning Australia. Mike Hammond
7AM 7am Open Learning: Art Of The Western World
7.30 Open Learning: Australian Studies
7am Today. Steve Liebmann, Elizabeth Hayes
8AM 8am The Smoggies
8.24 Paddington Bear
8.30 Sesame Street
8.30 The Morning Show With Bert Newton
9AM 9.30 Play School 9am Mister Ed (B&W)
9.30 The Book Place
9am Here’s Humphrey
9.30 In Melbourne Today
10AM 10pm Puddle Lane
10.15 Charlie Chalk
10.30 The Further Adventures Of Superted
10.52 Grimm’s Fairytales
10am Thirtysomething 10.30 National Nine News 10am Mulligrubs
10.30 Aerobics Oz Style
11AM 11am You Can’t Do That On Television
11.30 Pals
11.55 Roobarb
11am Eleven AM. Ann Sanders 11am What’s Cooking. Gabriel Gate
11.30 Dear John
11am Sally Jessy Raphael
12PM 12pm The World At Noon. John Lombard
12.30 Compass: The Search For Meaning
12pm Movie: Moving Target. 1988 [IMDB] 12pm Midday With Ray Martin 12pm Santa Barbara
1PM 1pm Landline 1.30 Days Of Our Lives 1pm The Bold And The Beautiful
1.30 Donahue
2PM 2pm The White Monkey 2pm Hunter 2.30 The Young And The Restless 2.30 The Oprah Winfrey Show
3PM 3pm Sesame Street
3.55 Simon In The Lank Of Chalk Drawings
3pm Kingswood Country
3.30 Get Smart
3.30 Supermarket Sweep 3.30 General Hospital
4PM 4pm Play School
4.30 Lift-Off
4pm Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
4.30 Now You See It
4pm I Dream Of Jeannie
4.30 The New Adventures Of Skippy
4pm Batman
4.30 The Wonder Years
4pm Novosti (Russia)
4.30 Close
5PM 5pm The Afternoon Show With Michael Tunn. Includes Widget, Vidiot, Harry And The Hendersons, Roget Ramjet 5pm Family Feud
5.30 Wheel Of Fortune
5pm Bewitched
5.30 Melbourne Extra. John Jost
5pm Ten Eyewitness News. David Johnston, Jo Pearson 5pm English At Work
5.30 Den Of Wolves (Mexico)
6PM 6.30 Here’s Lucy 6pm Seven Nightly News
6.30 Real Life. Stan Grant
6pm National Nine News. Brian Naylor
6.30 A Current Affair. Jana Wendt
6pm MASH
6.30 Neighbours
6pm World Sports. Includes highlights of Tour de France
6.30 World News
7PM  7pm ABC News. Ian Henderson
7.30 The 7.30 Report. Mary Delahunty
7pm Home And Away
7.30 A Country Practice
7pm Sale Of The Century
7.28 Keno
7.30 Growing Pains
7pm Hinch. Derryn Hinch
7.30 Healthy Wealthy And Wise
7pm Dateline. Paul Murphy
7.30 Tycoons (Netherlands)
8PM  8pm Keeping Up Appearances
8.28 ABC News
8.30 Four Corners. Andrew Olle
8.30 Mini-Series: Tracks Of Glory. Part Two [IMDB] 8pm Murphy Brown
8.28 Crimestoppers
8.30 Mini-Series: Intruders. Part Two [IMDB]
8.30 Movie: Red Heat. 1988 [IMDB] 8.30 Masterpiece
9PM  9.15 Media Watch. Stuart Littlemore
9.28 ABC News
9.30 Girls On Top
9.30 Mini-Series: A Lone Wolf. Part One (Italy) [IMDB]
10PM  10pm Review. Peter Ross
10.30 Lateline. Kerry O’Brien
10.30 Tonight Live With Steve Vizard 10.30 The World Tonight With Clive Robertson 10.35 Ten Eyewitness News. Anne Fulwood
11PM  11.05 American College Basketball 11.30 Knots Landing 11.30 Motor Racing: 1992 French Formula One Grand Prix 11.05 Studs 11.10 The Yellow File (Greece)
12AM  12am Ice Hockey: The Stanley Cup Final 12.35am Today (NBC) 12.05am The Rockford Files 12.05am Cycling: Tour de France. Highlights
12.35 Close
1AM  1am Close 1.30am Baseball: American Major League 1.05 Movie: Gentleman’s Agreement. 1947 (B&W) [IMDB]
2AM  2.35 Rafferty’s Rules
3AM  3.25 Laura McKenzie’s Travel Tips 3.20 Aboriginal Australia
3.30 Sydney
4AM  4.30 Brothers
4.55 Aboriginal Australia
4.30 Motor Racing: 1992 Indy Car
(Continues to 6.30am)
4pm Prisoner
5AM  5.10 Press Your Luck
5.35 Play Your Cards Right
(Continues to 6am)
5am Coming Of Age
5.30 Amen
(Continues to 6am)