Tuesday 6 June 1967 — SYDNEY

Television history is made with a live via satellite telecast from Australia’s Exhibition at Expo 67 in Montreal, Canada, in what is reported to be the first satellite transmission from the Northern hemisphere to the Southern hemisphere.

ABC is host Australian broadcaster with its coverage fed to commercial channels for broadcasting commercial-free.

Expo 67: Satellite TV makes history [2017]

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Source: TV Week, 3 June 1967. Sydney Morning Herald, 6 June 1967.

9AM 9.10am For Schools: Maths For Second Form, Second Form Science
10AM 10.05 Play School
10.40 For Schools: Third Form Science, Primary School Science
11AM 11.40 Close 11.30am Romper Room
11.55 Stars In Your Life
11am Concentration
11.30 Doorway To Life
11am Owly’s School
11.30 The Magic Circle Club
11.55 Sands Of Time
12PM 12pm Movie: I Want A Divorce. 1940 [IMDB] 12pm Movie: Moontide. 1942 [IMDB] 12pm Girl Talk. Hazel Phillips
12.30 The Marriage Game. Malcolm Searle
1PM 1pm People
1.35 For Schools: Maths For First Form, Fourth Form Science, Primary Science, Third Form Maths
1.30 Casebook 1.30 Divorce Court. Rod Haddrick, Nigel Lovell 1pm Dita. Dita Cobb, Noel Brophy
1.30 Movie: Another Man’s Poison. 1952 [IMDB]
2PM 2pm Beauty And The Beast 2pm The Tommy Hanlon Show
2.30 Frank Wilson’s Letter Charades
3PM 3.30 Playhouse
3.55 Cartoons
3pm People In Conflict
3.30 The Andy Griffith Show
3pm Coronation Street
3.30 Father Of The Bride
3pm Cookery News
3.30 Take A Letter
4PM 4.05 The Magic Boomerang
4.30 Lassie
4.55 Sir Francis Drake
4pm Fury
4.25 Off To Adventure
4.30 Ruff And Reddy
4pm Jungle Jim
4.30 The Samurai
4pm Movie: Adventures Of Kitty O’Day. 1945 [IMDB]
5PM 5.20 Focus On Flowers
5.30 Hey Presto! It’s Rolf
5pm The Bugs Bunny Show
5.30 Wyatt Earp
5pm Prince Planet
5.25 Top Pop
5.30 The Addams Family
5pm Astroboy
5.30 Blind Date. Graham Webb
6PM 6pm Mister Ed
6.30 The Donna Reed Show
6.55 Ted Hamilton Sings
6pm Karen
6.30 News
6.55 Telethon: The Smith Family Appeal
6pm Robin Hood
6.30 News
6pm The Flintstones
6.30 News. John Bailey
7PM  7pm ABC News, Newsreel
7.30 This Day Tonight. Bill Peach
7pm The Jetsons
7.30 The Saint
7pm The Dick Van Dyke Show
7.30 The Red Skelton Hour
7pm The Marriage Game
7.30 Say It With Music. Barry Crocker
8PM  8pm The Avengers
8.50 Impact
8.30 Movie: So Proudly We Hail. 1943 [IMDB] 8.30 The Fugitive 8.30 Enigma Theatre
9PM  9.40 Sportsreel 9.30 Tonight With Don Lane 9.30 Gunsmoke
10PM  10pm ABC News, Weather
10.10 Dialogue
10.40 Charlie Drake The Worker
10.50 Movie: Among The Living [IMDB] 10.30 Satellite Report: Expo 67. Peter Barlow, Robyn Slater
10.50 Movie: Thunder In The East. 1953 [IMDB]
11PM  11.15 Movie: The Long Memory. 1953 [IMDB] 11pm Movie: Violent Saturday. 1955 [IMDB]
12AM  12.45am Expo 67. Introduction by Eric Hunter (ABCTV) in Montreal 12am Telethon (cont’d)
12.45 Expo 67
12.30am Special: What Is Expo?
12.45 Expo 67
12.38am News
12.40 Music
12.45 Expo 67
1AM  1am Expo 67: Official Opening — Australia’s Day, Place de Nations
1.40 Expo 67: Australian Exhibition
2AM  2.15 Movie: Miranda. 1948 [IMDB] 2.15 The Bobby Rydell Show 2.15 Movie: Bachelor Flat [IMDB] 2.20 Movie: Mr Wong In Chinatown. 1939 [IMDB]
3AM  3.30 Here’s David Nixon
3.35 Tales From Hoffnung
3.45 Expo 67 (cont’d): Australian Exhibition followed by Australia Concert featuring Bobby Limb, The Seekers, Rolf Harris and Normie Rowe
(Continues to 8.30am)
3.45 Expo 67 (cont’d)
(Continues to 8.30am)
3.45 Expo 67 (cont’d)
(Continues to 8.30am)
3.40 Music
3.45 Expo 67 (cont’d)
(Continues to 8.30am)