Thursday 6 May 1965 — SYDNEY

See also: Thursday 6 May 1965 — VICTORIA

Source: TV Week, 1 May 1965

8AM 8.30am Test Pattern, Music
9AM 9.10am For Schools: Mathematics For First Form
9.30 Test Pattern
9.45 For Schools: Secondary Science
10AM 10.05 Test Pattern
10.15 For Schools: Sources of Power, Atoms and Sunlight
10.35 Test Pattern
11AM 11.20 For Schools: Mathematics For First Form
11.40 Test Pattern
1PM 1pm Guest Shot
1.25 Test Pattern
1.35 For Schools:
Secondary Science
1.55 Test Pattern
1.30pm The Loretta Young Show 1.30pm Coronation Street
2PM 2.15 For Schools: Mathematics For Second Form, Sources of Power, Atoms And Sunlight
2.55 Test Pattern
2pm The Danny Thomas Show
2.30 Beauty And The Beast
2pm It Could Be You
2.30 Take The Hint
3PM 3.30 Jigsaw 3pm Concentration
3.30 Father Knows Best
3.30pm Cookery News
4PM 4.45 Kindergarten Playtime 4pm Romper Room
4.30 Video Village
4pm The Pioneers
4.30 Comedy Capers. Penny Spence, Slippery Sam
4.55 Name To Remember
4pm Scarlett Hill
4.25 Owly’s School
4.45 Batman And Robin
5PM 5pm Partyland 5pm Movie: Pirates Of Monterey [IMDB] 5pm Mighty Mouse Playhouse
5.30 Ripcord
5pm Space Station 10
5.30 City Beneath The Sea
6PM 6pm The High Road
6.30 HMS Paradise
6.55 To Market To Market
6pm The Invisible Man
6.30 News, Weather
6pm National Velvet
6.25 Top Pop
6.30 News, Weather
6pm Hector Heathcote
6.30 Gilligan’s Island
7PM  7pm ABC News, Newsreel, Weather
7.30 The Hidden Truth
7pm My Three Sons
7.30 The Rogues
7pm The Patty Duke Show
7.30 Mr Novak
7pm Petticoat Junction
7.30 Daniel Boone
8PM  8.20 Background
8.30 The Anzac Story
8.30 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour 8.27 News Headlines
8.30 Danger Man
8.30 Movie: Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll [IMDB] (see advertisement below)
9PM  9pm Town And Country
9.30 The Science Of Man
9.30 Movie: The Climax [IMDB] 9.27 News Headlines
9.30 Tonight With Don Lane
10PM  10pm News, Weather
10.11 Amelia
10.40 Close
10.05 Independent News, Weather
10.20 Telescope
10.35 Folkmoot
11PM  11.30 Close 11pm World Championship Wrestling
11.55 Quiet Time: Rev Roger Bush
11.05 Close
12AM  12am Close