Tuesday 5 November 2002 — MELBOURNE

The Seven Network is the exclusive broadcaster of the Melbourne Cup Carnival for the first time, taking over the rights from Network Ten.

(This listing excludes Channel 31 and digital-only channels ABC Fly, ABC Kids and SBS World News Channel which are not listed in What’s On Weekly)

Source: What’s On Weekly, 2 November 2002

6AM 6am New Dimensions With George Negus (Rpt)
6.30 Business Breakfast
6am Sunrise. Melissa Doyle, Chris Reason 6am National Nine News 6am Aerobics Oz Style
6.30 Cheez TV. Jade Gatt, Ryan Lappin
(5am) Weatherwatch, Music
(5.30) Worldwatch. Includes 6.05 Cantonese News, 6.25 Mandarin News, 6.55 Telegiornale, 7.30 Das Journal, 8am Ta Nea Ton Ennea, 9am Le Journal, 9.30 Sevodnia, 10am Weatherwatch, 10.10 Telediario, 11am Siaran Berita, 11.30 The Journal, 12pm Business Report
7AM 7am Archibald The Koala
7.25 Little Ghosts
7.30 Albie
7.45 Sitting Ducks
7am Today
8AM 8am Lights Camera Action Wiggles
8.15 Slim Pig
8.25 Thomas The Tank Engine
8.30 Sesame Street
8.30 In The Box
9AM 9.25 Bananas In Pyjamas
9.30 Play School
9am The Book Place
9.30 Cosby
9am Hi-5
9.30 Mornings With Kerri-Anne
9am Good Morning Australia. Bert Newton
10AM 10am For Schools: For The Juniors, Our Animals, Number Crew, France 2000, Science Bank II, Atoms Alive, Behind The News, Oceans Alive! 10am Seven Morning News. Garry Wilkinson
10.20 Horse Racing: The 2002 Melbourne Cup Carnival — Melbourne Cup Day. Bruce McAvaney. Live from Flemington
10.30 Fresh
11AM 11am National Nine News
11.30 Entertainment Tonight
11am Huey’s Cooking Adventures
11.30 Ten News
12PM 12pm World At Noon
12.30 Take The High Road
12pm Days Of Our Lives 12pm Totally Australia 12.30pm Movie: The Thief Of Paris. 1967 (France) [IMDB]
1PM 1pm Four Corners (Rpt)
1.45 Media Watch (Rpt)
1pm The Young And The Restless 1pm Judge Judy
1.30 Beauty And The Beast
2PM 2pm The Bill 2pm Water Rats 2.30 The Oprah Winfrey Show 2.30 Weatherwatch, Music
3PM 3pm Tweenies
3.20 Tiny Planets
3.25 Andy Pandy
3.30 Play School
3pm Girlfriends
3.30 Nikki
3.30 Neighbours (Rpt) 3pm TV Ed
3.30 Tales From A Suitcase
4PM 4pm Bananas In Pyjamas
4.05 Simon In The Land Of Chalk Drawings
4.10 Henry’s World
4.30 The Saddle Club
4pm Don’t Blame Me
4.30 Dr Phil
4pm Totally Wild
4.30 The Bold And The Beautiful
4pm Australian Biography
4.30 World Sports (Rpt)
5PM 5pm Bounty Hamster
5.10 Grizzly Tales
5.30 Ace Lightning
5.30pm Wheel Of Fortune. Rob Elliott, Sophie Falkiner 5.30 Burgo’s Catch Phrase. John Burgess 5pm Ten News 5pm Newshour (PBS)
6PM 6pm Rolf Harris’ Animal Hospital
6.25 Feedback
6.30 New Dimensions With George Negus
6pm Seven News
6.30 Today Tonight
6pm National Nine News
6.30 A Current Affair
6pm The Simpsons
6.30 Neighbours
6pm Global Village
6.30 World News
7PM  7pm ABC News
7.30 The 7.30 Report
7pm Home And Away
7.30 Better Homes And Gardens
7pm Frasier
7.30 Smallville
7pm Seinfeld
7.30 Becker
7pm World Sports
7.30 David Suzuki’s The Nature Of Things (Canada)
8PM  8pm Reality Bites
8.30 The Bill
8pm Room For Improvement. Includes Lotto
8.30 All Saints
8.30 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 8pm Everybody Loves Raymond
8.30 Special: I Dream Of Jeannie — Exposed
8.30 The Cutting Edge: Harvest Of Fear
9PM  9.30 MDA 9.30 Marshall Law 9.30 Stingers 9.30 Rove Live. Rove McManus 9.30 World News Tonight
10PM  10.25 Lateline
10.55 Movie: A Canterbury Tale. 1944 [IMDB]
10.30 The Carnival With Roy And HG 10.30 Nightline 10.30 Ten News 10pm Movie: Hidden Whisper. 2000 (Taiwan) [IMDB]
11PM  11.30 Seven Late News 11pm Star Trek: Voyager 11pm Sports Tonight
11.30 Pepsi Live
11.45 Bondi Banquet
12AM  12am The Outer Limits 12am The Late Show 12am Movie: Jury Duty. 1995 [IMDB] 12.15am Movie: No Deposit No Return. 1998 (Italy) [IMDB]
1AM  1am Movie: Seven Sinners. 1936 (B&W) [IMDB] 1am Today (NBC) 1am Codename Eternity
1.55 Movie: Black Fox: Price Of Peace. 1994 [IMDB]
1.45 Video Hits 1.45 Close
2AM  2.15 Movie: Waterloo Road. 1944 (B&W)[IMDB] 2am Home Shopping
3AM  3.30 Police Rescue 3am Home Shopping 3.40 Spyforce
4AM  4.30 Movie: Turn The Key Softly. 1953 (B&W) [IMDB]
(Continues to 6am)
4.35 Paradise Beach 4am Life In The Word
4.30 Kenneth Copeland
5AM  5.05 Punky Brewster
5.30 The Beverly Hillbillies
(Continues to 6am)
5am Ace Ventura
5.30 Entertainment Tonight
(Continues to 6am)
5am Life Today
5.30 This Is Your Day
(Continues to 6am)
5am Weatherwatch, Music
5.30 Worldwatch
(Continues to 12.30pm)