Friday 5 April 1985 — SYDNEY

Good Friday, 1985. ABC, Seven and Nine alter much of their regular weekday schedule to accommodate Good Friday specials and religious movies. ABC also reduces its news bulletin ABC National to half an hour starting at 7.00pm.

Source: TV Week, 30 March 1985

  ABN2 ATN7 TCN9 TEN10 SBS0/28
6AM 6am Shirl’s Neighbourhood
6.30 Bewitched (B&W)
6am Pandamonium
6.25 Go Health
6.30 Scooby Doo Who Dunnit?
6am Action Now
6.05 Linus The Lionhearted
6.30 Hans Christian Andersen
7AM 7am Special: The Berenstain Bears Easter Surprise
7.30 Special: The Easter Bunny Is Comin’ To Town
7am Today 7am Good Morning Australia
8AM 8.30 Special: Easter With The Family Circus
9AM 9am Special: David And Goliath/The Deluge/Daniel In The Lion’s Den 9am Here’s Humphrey 9am Good Morning Sydney
10AM 10am Turn Round Australia: Easter Special
10.30 Special: A Home Run For Love
10am Fat Cat And Friends
10.30 Three’s Company
11AM 11am Movie: The Song Of Bernadette. 1943 (B&W) [IMDB] 11.30 National Nine News 11am All My Children 11am The Electric Company
11.30 Magazine (Rpt)
12PM 12pm Movie: The Bible. 1966 [IMDB] 12pm After Noon 12.30pm Movie: The Farewell Song (Lebanon)
1PM 1pm Divine Service 1.30 Movie: It Started In Naples. 1960 [IMDB]
2PM 2.30 The Shroud Of Jesus 2.15pm Movie: The Small Miracle. 1973 [IMDB] 2.30 Special: The San Remo Festival. Highlights (Italy)
3PM 3pm Love So Amazing: A Service For Good Friday 3pm Special: Troubled River 3.30 Alice
4PM 4pm Play School
4.30 Mr Squiggle And Friends
4.55 Australian Wildlife Club Bulletin
4pm Wombat
4.30 The Yearling
4pm The Curiosity Show
4.30 The Ossie Ostrich Video Show
4pm The Life And Times Of Grizzly Adams
5PM 5pm Chocky
5.25 Bananaman
5.30 Astroboy
5.55 Come And Get It
5pm Wheel Of Fortune
5.30 Neighbours
5pm Happy Days
5.30 Blankety Blanks. Daryl Somers
5pm Blankety Blanks. Graham Kennedy (Rpt)
5.30 Perfect Match
5.30 Don Quixote (Netherlands)
6PM 6pm The Applicant
6.30 Music, Music, Music
6pm Seven National News. Ross Symonds, Karina Kelly 6pm National Nine News. Brian Henderson, Mike Gibson, Alan Wilkie
6.30 Willesee
6pm Eyewitness News. Katrina Lee, Tim Webster, Graham McNeice, David Fordham, Ron Casey, Dal Myles 6pm The Sixth Form (Netherlands)
7PM  7pm ABC National. Geraldine Doogue, Richard Morecroft
7.30 All Creatures Great And Small
7pm Terry Willesee Tonight
7.30 Special: Return To Children In Crisis. Rowena Wallace, Shane Withington
7pm Sale Of The Century. Tony Barber, Delvene Delaney
7.30 Possession
7pm MASH
7.30 Star Search. Greg Evans
7pm World News. George Donikian
7.30 Music Makes Me Happy (Germany)
8PM  8.25 The Good Old Days 8.30 Mini-Series: Jesus Of Nazareth. Part One [IMDB] 8.30 Movie: All Creatures Great And Small. 1974 [IMDB] 8.29 Eyewitness News
8.30 Movie: The Greatest Story Ever Told. 1965 [IMDB]
8.30 Dateline. Paul Murphy
9PM  9.15 Patmos — Isle Of Apocalypse 9.30 Movie: The Butcher. 1969 (France) (B&W) [IMDB]
10PM  10.10 Golf: International Celebrity Golf 1984 10.30 Newsworld. Scott Lambert 10.30 News
10.35 Charlie’s Angels
11PM  11.15 Close 11.30 Barney Miller 11.35 We Got It Made 11.05 Movie: The Law Of The Other Naples. 1974 (Italy)
12AM  12am News Overnight. Includes Today (NBC)
(Continues to 6am)
12.05am Movie: Uptight. 1968 [IMDB] 12.30am Music Video
(Continues to 6.30am)
1AM  1.10am Close
2AM  2.10 Movie: Can Ellen Be Saved? 1974 [IMDB]
3AM  3.35 Movie: Madness Of The Heart. 1949 [IMDB]
5AM  5.10 Bonanza
(Continues to 6am)