Tuesday 4 November 1969 — SYDNEY

Sydney TV channels provide live coverage of the Melbourne Cup — while Melbourne viewers continue to be denied access to live television coverage of the famous race.

Source: TV Week, 1 November 1969

6AM 6.30am News Headlines
6.31 Cartoons
6.50am Name To Remember
6.55 Hokey Wolf
6.30am The Magic Circle Club
7AM 7am Sydney Today. Bruce Webster 7am Cartoon Carnival 7am Good Morning
8AM 8.30 Here’s Humphrey
9AM 9.30am For Schools: For The Juniors 9am The Danny Thomas Show
9.30 Hennesey
9.30 Playroom
9.55 Relaxing With Roma
9am Kindy
9.30 Owly’s School
10AM 10.10 Play School
10.40 For Schools: Our Northern Neighbours, Secondary Science, Primary Science, Is This Your Career?
10am Romper Room 10am Rin Tin Tin
10.30 Whirlybirds
10am News
10.02 Swami Sarasvati
10.30 Cookery News
11AM 11am The Popeye Show
11.30 Leave It To Beaver
11am Douglas Fairbanks Theatre
11.30 Father Knows Best
11am Stars In Action
11.30 Marshal Dillon
12PM 12pm Movie: Pat And Mike. 1952 [IMDB] 12pm Movie: Girl On The Run. 1958 [IMDB] 12pm Girl Talk
12.30 The Marriage Game. Malcolm Searle
1PM 1pm ABC News
1.05 Close
1.55 For Schools: Form One Maths
1.30 Galloping Gourmet. Graham Kerr 1.25 News
1.30 What’s My Line?
1pm Gwen. Gwen Plumb
1.30 The Dick Powell Show
2PM 2pm 1969 Melbourne Cup
2.20 It’s So Easy
2.35 Occasional Wife
2pm Maggie. Maggie Tabberer
2.30 Beauty And The Beast. Noel Ferrier
2pm Days Of Our Lives
2.30 1969 Melbourne Cup
2.30 1969 Melbourne Cup
3PM 3pm Highland Hospital
3.45 Andy Pandy
3pm People In Conflict
3.30 Adventures In Paradise
3pm General Hospital
3.30 Hawaiian Eye
3.30 Rocky And Bullwinkle
4PM 4pm Play School
4.30 Adventure Island. Sue Donovan
4.25 The Wotsa Name Show
4.30 The Munsters
4.30 King Kong
4.55 Name To Remember
4pm Aquaman
4.30 The Flintstones
5PM 5pm Cartoons
5.05 Atom Ant
5.30 Why Is It So?
5.40 Forest Rangers
5pm The Three Stooges
5.30 The Bugs Bunny Show
5pm Archie
5.30 Ozzie And Harriet
5pm Dobie Gillis
5.30 Blind Date. Graham Webb
6PM 6.05 Woobinda
6.30 GTK
6.40 Bellbird
6.55 This Week In Britain
6pm Beverly Hillbillies
6.30 News, Weather. Roger Climpson
6pm The Lucy Show
6.30 News, Weather. Brian Henderson
6pm News, Weather. John Bailey
6.30 Gilligan’s Island
7PM  7pm ABC News, Newsreel, Weather
7.30 This Day Tonight
7pm Green Acres
7.30 The Tommy Leonetti Show
7pm The Dick Van Dyke Show
7.30 Star Trek
7pm It’s Academic. John Bailey
7.30 Rowan And Martin’s Laugh-In
8PM  8pm Melbourne Cup Replay
8.10 Charge
8.40 Impact
8.30 Movie: All Fall Down. 1962 [IMDB] 8.27 News Headlines
8.30 Division 4
8.30 Rose And Crown. Billy Raymond, Dawn Lake, Neil Williams, Slim De Gray
9PM  9.28 News In Brief
9.30 Out Of The Unknown
9.27 News Headlines
9.30 Tonight. Stuart Wagstaff
9.30 Newsbeat. John Bailey
10PM  10.20 News, Weather
10.30 Point Counter Point
10.35 Late News
10.50 Combat
10.45 News 10.30 Movie: The Caddy. 1953 [IMDB]
11PM  11.15 Close 11.50 Mike Hammer 11pm Tony Charlton Tonight
11.10 Movie: Wife Wanted. 1946 [IMDB]
12AM  12.20am Close 12.25am Viewpoint
12.30 Close
12.20am Close