Friday 4 August 1978 — MELBOURNE

The Opening Ceremony of the XI Commonwealth Games, broadcast live from Edmonton, Canada, on ABC with repeats in the evening.

Source: TV Times, 29 July 1978

6AM (5.30am) Commonwealth Games: Preview
6am Commonwealth Games: Opening Ceremony. Live from Edmonton, Canada
6am Thunderbirds
7AM 7am The Super Flying Fun Show 7am The Early Bird Show
8AM 8.30 Sesame Street
9AM 9am For Schools: How We Used To Live, Bookworm
9.30 Play School
9am Here’s Humphrey 9am Fat Cat And Friends
9.30 King’s Kitchen
9.45 Sewing
10AM 10am For Schools: Behind The News, People Of The Australian Western Desert (B&W), Living Here And There, The Arcade Show, The Colonials, Science Magazine 10am Romper Room. Miss Patricia 10am Dinah! 10am Movie: Stranger At My Door. 1956 (B&W) [IMDB]
11AM 11am The Munsters (B&W)
11.30 Willesee At Seven (Rpt)
11am Another World
11.55 News
11.30 Shoulder To Shoulder
12PM 12pm This Week Today
12.30 A Big Country
12pm Movie: The Westerner. 1940 (B&W) [IMDB] 12pm The Mike Walsh Show 12pm News
12.03 Blankety Blanks. Graham Kennedy
12.30 The Box
1PM 1pm ABC News
1.10 Horizon-5
1.29 Weather
1.30 For Schools: For The Juniors, Inside Out, Bookworm, The Living Body, Social Science
1.30 Days Of Our Lives 1.30 As The World Turns
2PM 2pm Mannix 2.30 The Young And The Restless
2.55 News
2.30 Ryan’s Hope
3PM 3pm Close 3pm Homicide 3pm General Hospital
3.30 Search For Tomorrow
3pm Matlock Police
4PM 4pm Play School
4.30 Sesame Street
4pm The Flying Nun
4.30 Batman
4pm Superman (B&W)
4.30 The Bugs Bunny Show
4pm If These Walls Could Speak
4.30 Marie’s Multi-Coloured Magic Machine. Marie Van Maaren
5PM 5.30 Mr Men
5.40 The Feathered Serpent
5pm The Jetsons
5.30 Get Smart
5pm Family Feud. Tony Barber
5.30 My Three Sons (B&W)
5pm The Brady Bunch
5.30 Hogan’s Heroes
6PM 6.05 F Troop
6.30 Doctor Who
6.55 Tomorrow’s Sport
6pm Bewitched
6.30 Seven National News. Brian Naylor
6pm The Young Doctors
6.30 National Nine News. Eric Pearce, Peter Hitchener
6pm News At Six. Bruce Mansfield, Rob Astbury
7PM  7pm ABC News. Geoff Raymond
7.30 This Day Tonight. Mike Minehan
7pm Willesee At Seven. Mike Willesee
7.30 Eight Is Enough
7pm The Sullivans
7.30 Special: Calypso’s Search For The Britannic
7pm The Six Million Dollar Man
7.30 Special: Circus World Championships
8PM  8pm Commonwealth Games: Opening Ceremony. Highlights (Rpt)
8.30 It Ain’t Half Hot Mum
8.30 Movie: Dark Of The Sun. 1968 [IMDB] 8.30 Movie: Fantastic Voyage. 1966 [IMDB]
9PM  9pm Fathers And Families 9pm Movie: They Call Me Mister Tibbs. 1970 [IMDB]
10PM  10.15 ABC News, Weather
10.25 Country Road. Johnny Chester
10.20 Nightmoves. Lee Simon 10.30 Movie: The Dead Don’t Die. 1974 [IMDB]
11PM  11.20 Commonwealth Games: Opening Ceremony. Highlights (Rpt)
11.50 Close
11.10 The Peter Couchman Show
12AM  12.20am Close 12.30am Movie: Fever Heat. 1968 [IMDB] 12.30am Movie: The Curse Of The Crimson Altar. 1968 [IMDB]
2AM  2.10 Movie: Johnny Reno. 1966 [IMDB] 2.45 Close
3AM  3.30 Movie: Madron. 1971 [IMDB]
5AM  5am Gideon’s Way (B&W)
(Continues to 6am)