Monday 4 April 1960 — SYDNEY

Source: TV Week, 31 March 1960

7AM 7.01am Breakfast Session. Ray Taylor, Enzo Toppano, Peggy Mortimer
9AM 9am Music
10AM 11.45 News, Weather
11.55 A Woman’s View
11AM 11.50am Test Pattern, Music 12pm Movie: Sea Hornet. 1951 [IMDB]
12PM 1.30 Jane Wyman Theatre
1PM 1pm Close 2pm Your Home. Del Cartwright
2.30 Menus For Moderns
2pm Richard Cruppenden Contact Show
2PM 2pm Test Pattern and Music
2.30 For Schools: General Science
2.50 Test Pattern and Music
3pm Stories Of The Century
3.30 Serenade
3pm Monday Matinee: The Whizzer
3.30 Home And Beauty
3PM 4pm Sheena Queen Of The Jungle
4.30 Small Time
4.45 Cartoons
4pm Flash Gordon
4.30 The Gene Autry Show
4PM 4pm Woman’s World
4.30 New Zealand Mirror
4.45 Kindergarten Playtime
5pm Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
5.25 Crusader Rabbit
5.30 Teen Time. Keith Walshe
5pm Annie Oakley
5.30 Desmond And The Channel 9 Pins
5PM 5pm Jimmy’s Den 6.25 The Three Stooges
6.45 News, Weather
6pm The Mickey Mouse Club
6.25 Tom Terrific
6.30 Huckleberry Hound
6.45 News, Weather
6PM 6pm Paragon Playhouse
6.30 Sword Of Freedom
7pm Man And The Challenge
7.30 Dennis The Menace
7pm Robin Hood
7.30 The Alaskans
7PM  7pm News, Newsreel, Weather
7.30 Ann Sothern Show
8pm The Rifleman
8.30 Staccato
8.30 I Love Lucy
8PM  8pm Tightrope
8.30 Any Questions?
9pm Markham
9.30 Burns And Allen
9pm Whitehall Playhouse
9.30 Trackdown
9PM  9pm Sports Cavalcade
9.30 Dial 999
10pm Official Detective
10.30 The Melody Lingers
10pm Gunsmoke
10.30 Movietime Monday
10PM  10pm Science In Close Up
10.30 Newsreel
10.55 Close
11pm Late News 11.30 Close