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Monday 3 August 1964 — MELBOURNE

First weekday transmission for ATV0

Source: TV Week, 1 August 1964


7logo_1960s_bw 9logo_1960s_bw atv0_1964_bw
11AM 11.05am For Schools: Growth Of A Community, Form One Mathematics
11.50 Close
11.30am Autumn Affair
11.45 The Story Of Peter Gray
11.55 First News
11.30am News Roundup
11.33 Highway Patrol
12PM 12pm Room For One More
12.30 Movie: Saraband. 1949 [IMDB]
12pm Danny Thomas Show
12.30 Movie: A Day By The Sea
1PM 1pm Weekend Magazine (Rpt)
1.25 For Schools: Growth Of A Community, Science And Life
2PM 2.10 True Adventure
2.35 Lens On Lilliput
2.45 For Schools: Form One Mathematics
2pm Gale Storm Show
2.30 Answer Please
2pm It Could Be You
2.30 Take The Hint
3PM 3.05 Close 3pm Movie: Ringside. 1949 [IMDB] 3pm Adventures In Paradise
4PM 4.45 Kindergarten Playtime 4pm Video Village
4.30 Rin Tin Tin
4pm Sea Hunt
4.30 Mighty Mouse
4pm Amos N Andy
4.30 The Children’s Show. Nancy Cato, Michael Boddy, Alec Finlay PREMIERE
5PM 5pm Roundabout 5pm The Happy Show 5pm The Tarax Show 5.30 Cartoons
6PM 6pm Space Patrol
6.30 Benny Hill
6pm Circus Boy
6.30 News
6pm Komedy Korner
6.30 National Network News. Eric Pearce
6pm Captain Kidd
6.15 News, Weather
7PM 7pm News, Newsreel, Weather
7.30 My Favorite Martian
7.55 Export Action
7pm Pick A Box
7.30 Thank Your Lucky Stars
7pm The Andy Griffith Show
7.30 Here’s Dawn
7pm Colonel Flack
7.30 Patty Duke Show
8PM 8pm Maigret
8.50 Goodman Interlude
8pm Combat 8pm Mr Novak 8pm East Side West Side
9PM 9pm Science Question Time
9.30 University Of The Air
9pm Movie: Winchester 73. 1950 [IMDB] 9pm Coronation Street
9.30 In Melbourne Tonight
9pm Movie: Run Silent, Run Deep. 1958 [IMDB]
10PM 10pm News
10.10 Town And Country
10.40 World Of Tim Frazer
10.40 Late News
10.55 The Everglades
10.45 National Network News 10.30 The Westerner
11PM 11.05 Close 11.25 Close 11pm Zane Grey Theatre
11.30 Epilogue
11.35 Close
11pm News, Weather
11.30 Close

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