Saturday 3 April 1971 — ADELAIDE

Saturday afternoon in Adelaide is dominated by local league football coverage and pop music shows. The latter is covered by ABC’s Hit Scene, Nine’s locally-produced Move and Ten’s local Zap and Melbourne-based Hit Parade and Happening 71.

Prime time included football replays across three channels, plus local variety shows Showcase on NWS9 and Saturday Tonight on SAS10.

Source: TV Week, 3 April 1971

  abc_1965_bw 7logo_1970s_bw 9logo_1980s_bw sas10_1980s_bw
7AM 7am Fantastic Flicks
8AM 8.30am Cartoons. Includes Abbott And Costello, Space Ace, Robin Hood 8.30am Stars Of Tomorrow 8.30 Turf Guide
9AM 9.30 Wacky Quack. Includes Spiderman, Prince Planet, The Beatles, Here’s Humphrey 9am Saturday Party
11AM 11.30 Football: Seconds League. Glenelg v Port Adelaide 11.30 Football: Seconds League. Sturt v Woodville 11am Tarzan
12PM 12.15pm Your Garden
12.30 Hit Scene. Dick Williams
12pm Hit Parade. Ross D Wyllie
12.30 Zap. Ron Kosmider
1PM 1pm British Soccer
1.45 Football: Seconds League
1.30 Happening 71. Ross D Wyllie, Trevor Spry, Johnny Young, Ian Meldrum, Maggie Stewart, Megan Hicks, Stan Rofe
2PM 2.15 Movie: Confidentially Connie. 1953 [IMDB] 2.15pm Movie: Cattle Drive. 1951 [IMDB] 2.10pm Move. Vince Lovegrove
3PM Football Updates at 3.25, 4.10, 4.45
3.30 Rugby League: 1968 Grand Final
3.45 Movie: Courage Of Lassie. 1946 [IMDB]
4PM 4.15 Surfing: 1969 Australian Surfing Championships. Highlights 4pm Roller Game
5PM 5.15 Sporting Roundup
5.40 Smokey Bear
5.30 Football Report. Ian Day 5pm The Tim Conway Show
5.30 Football Inquest. Max Hall
5.30 Aquaman
6PM 6pm King Arthur
6.30 Thursday Creek Mob
6.55 Weather
6pm News, Weather. Tony Curtis, Jill McLaughlin
6.30 Football Report
6pm Animal Doctor
6.30 News. Eldon Crouch
6.55 Today’s Main Race
6pm Dastardly And Mutley
6.30 The Queen And I
7PM  7pm ABC News
7.15 Sports Review. Alf Gard, Bob Bower
7.25 Football: League Football Replay
7pm Football Replay: Glenelg v Port Adelaide 7pm Football: League Football Replay 7pm Animal World
7.30 Movie: The Mouse That Roared. 1959 [IMDB]
8PM  8.15 Four Corners. Mike Willesee 8pm Bonanza 8pm Country Music. Reg Lindsay
9PM  9.10 Movie: The Night Of The Grizzly. 1966 [IMDB] 9pm Perry Mason 9pm Movie: Dragnet. 1967 [IMDB] 9pm Saturday Tonight. Noel O’Connor, Alistair McHarg, Veronica Overton
10PM  10.45 Contract To Kill 10pm Football: Victorian Football League 10.50 Showcase. Ian Fairweather. 10.30 Movie: Wayward Love. 1964 [IMDB]
11PM  11.10 Football Highlights: Victorian Football League 11pm Wrestling 11.50 Epilogue
11.55 Close
12AM  12.10am Close 12am Close 12.15am Close