Monday 2 December 1974 — TASMANIA

Colour programs indicated with (C)

Source: TV Week, 30 November 1974

  ABT2 Hobart
ABNT3 Launceston
ABKT11 King Island
8AM 8am Sesame Street
9AM 9am Close
9.35 Play School
10AM 10.05 For Schools: Living In Asia — Life In West Malaysia, This World Of Ours, Children Of The World 10am Test Pattern (C)
12PM 12.40pm Weekend Magazine (Rpt)
1PM 1pm News
1.05 Close
1.30pm Test Pattern (C) 1pm Thought For The Day
1.05 Temptation. Tony Barber, Barbara Rogers
1.55 Days Of Our Lives
2PM 2pm For Schools: Primary Science, Undercurrent, Matriculation Urban Geography 2.30 Thought For The Day
2.33 The Mike Walsh Show
2.20 News
2.30 Movie: Strange Fascination. 1952 [IMDB]
3PM 3.20 Andy Pandy
3.35 Play School
3.45 The Littlest Hobo
4PM 4.05 Rainbow Country
4.30 Sesame Street
4.15 Alfie
4.18 This Week Has Seven Days
4pm Federal File. Gerald Stone, Alan Reid
4.30 Alfie
4.35 Laredo
5PM 5.25 Cartoons
5.35 Adventures Of The Seaspray
5.30 Car 54 Where Are You?
6PM 6pm The Challenging Sea
6.30 GTK
6.40 Bellbird
6.55 [ABNT] Regional News
6pm McHale’s Navy
6.30 News. Tom Payne
6pm My Three Sons
6.25 Point Of View
6.30 News, Weather
7PM  7pm ABC News, Weather
7.30 This Day Tonight
7pm Class Of ’74
7.30 Temperatures Rising
7pm $25,000 Great Temptation
7.30 Division 4
8PM  8pm Touch Of Reverence
8.45 ABC News
8.50 Monday Conference. Robert Moore
8pm This Week. Trevor Sutton 8.30 Coronation Street
9PM  9.45 The Two Ronnies 9pm Number 96 9pm Number 96
10PM  10.30 Weather
10.32 Close
10pm Matlock Police 10pm Star Soccer
11PM  11pm Two Shot Golf (C)
11.30 News, Weather
11.40 Thought For The Day
11.43 Close
11pm Late News, Weather
11.15 Thought For The Day
11.20 Close