Saturday 1 October 1960 — SYDNEY

Source: TV Week, 29 September 1960


9AM 9.30am Do It Yourself
10AM 10am Test Pattern, Music
10.30 Demonstration Film
10am Captain Fortune Party 10am Brian Howard’s Sportsview
10.30 Focus On Sport. Clarence The Clocker
10.55 Sportography
11AM 11am Test Pattern, Music 11.05 Sporting Roundup
11.15 Doorway To Knowledge
12PM 12pm Close 12pm Movie: Three Men From Texas. 1940 [IMDB] 12pm Australiana
12.30 Strictly For Moderns. Desmond Tester
1PM 1pm Test Pattern, Music
1.15 Handyman
1.30 Sportsview
1.35 Australian Rules Football
1pm Movie: You Can’t Ration Love. 1944 [IMDB] 1pm Wheel Of Fortune. Reg Grundy
2PM 2.05 Greatest Fights Of The Century
2.15 Ray Mitchell’s Boxing Corner
2.30 Rhythm Roundup. Roy Hampson 2pm Home And Beauty. Elaine White
2.30 Movie: Roaring Six-Guns. 1938 [IMDB]
3PM 3pm Close 3pm Sports Week 3.30 Wrestling From Chicago
4PM 4.30 Bandstand. Brian Henderson (see advertisement below)
5PM 5pm Race Roundup
5.20 Final Sporting Scores
5.30 Cartoon Time
5.15 The Happy Hour. Includes The Adventures Of Noddy, Laurel And Hardy 5.30 Joe The Gadget Man
5.45 Ken Howard’s Racing Review
6PM 6pm Six O’Clock Rock. Johnny O’Keefe 6.20 Terrible Ten
6.30 The Three Stooges
6.45 News, Weather. Lew Luton
6pm Little Rascals
6.25 Headline News
6.30 Tic Tac Dough. Chuck Faulkner
7PM  7pm ABC News, Weather
7.18 Sports Review
7.30 The Donna Reed Show
7pm The Mickey Rooney Show
7.30 Curtain Call. Digby Wolfe
7pm The Dennis O’Keefe Show
7.30 Cheyenne
8PM  8pm Army Game
8.25 This Week In Britain
8.30 Movie: Ghosts Of Berkeley Square [IMDB]
8.30 Adventures In Paradise 8.30 Bourbon Street Beat
9PM  9.30 Panorama 9.30 BP Super Show. Horrie Dargie 9.30 Mr Lucky
10PM  10pm Caribbean Carnival
10.30 Close
10.30 77 Sunset Strip 10pm The Graham Kennedy Channel 9 Show
11PM  11.30 Dragnet 11pm Movie: Stock Car [IMDB]
12AM  12am Close 12.30am Close